Drawing Is a Feeling

GENINT 731.271
Osher (50+). The course lets students discover line/space/shape through drawing and mixed media experimentation. The course also includes an outdoor drawing field trip and gallery/museum visits.

What you can learn.

  • Learn how to use line, space, and shape in drawing
  • Improve drawing skills
  • Improve understanding of art techniques
  • Understand basic drawing history

About this course:

This course allows the discovery of line, space, and shape through drawing and mixed media experimentation. Finding inspiration from the earliest known drawings, as well as contemporary artists’ exploratory drawings, we learn techniques designed to expand mark-making skills. We explore 4th Century CE drawings uncovered in the Buddhist caves of Dunhuang, China, and contemporary artists’ drawings that utilize a myriad of materials to explore their ideas. Field trips include an outdoor drawing field trip and a gallery/museum visit. Students are expected to purchase a reasonably-priced beginning drawing kit from their local art store.

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