How to Write Better Dialogue by Letting Your Pets Talk Through AI


Harness the power of new technologies to inspire unexpected directions in your writing.

As few as 1 day

What you can learn.

  • Learn how to create an AI version of your pet for conversation purposes
  • Get insight into how to use artificial intelligence to create a "voice box" for a character
  • Apply the principles you learn into practical craft lessons
  • Find inspiration in creating more compelling dialogue for your characters

About this course:

Pets often provide writers support through their physical presence. However, pets can actually make writers better writers with the help of meditation and AI. This workshop applies meditation techniques to help map the personality of your pet. It then walks you through how to teach ChatGPT to function as an artificial voice box for that map and allow conversations directly with your pet. Finally, it applies the principles learned from this exercise of articulating a voice that is very different from your own into practical craft lessons for writing better dialogue for all sorts of characters. The presence of the writer’s own pet at the workshop is highly encouraged.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Date & Time
Saturday 10:00AM - 1:00PM PT
Future Offering (Opens April 06, 2024 12:00:00 AM)
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Instructor: Henry Lien
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Location: Remote Classroom

Enrollment opens two weeks prior to the event. Enrollment limited. Visitors not permitted.

Along with Mr. Lien, this workshop is taught by Jerry Lee Davis, author/playwright who has over 20 years’ experience teaching meditation and working with animal organizations such as Best Friends. Internet access required.

This course is held via video teleconference. As such, instructors use Zoom to offer a live class meeting at the designated time. Students must be present at the course meeting time to participate in the class.

Course Requirements
Internet access required to access course materials.
Sat Apr 20, 2024
10:00AM PT - 1:00PM PT
Remote Classroom

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