Dramedy TV IV

SCRIPT X 422.8

Continue writing your dramedy pilot script while practicing the basics of strong television writing.


What you can learn.

  • Get insight into the craft of dramedy writing through lectures and discussions
  • Discover elements that make a dramedy pilot script powerful and irresistible
  • Write scenes with effective description, sharp dialogue, and memorable characters
  • Learn how to revise your work effectively and improve from draft to draft

About this course:

Continuing the exploration of what's possible in the dramedy format, which emphasizes the full range of human emotions, deep character development, distinctive narratives, and experimentation with genre, this course pushes students towards completion of the half-hour or one-hour project they began in Writing the Dramedy Pilot I.  Lectures and workshop assignments focus on the process of scripting a pilot episode designed to hook the interest of decision makers and, eventually, viewers via sharp dialogue and scene construction.  The class also covers the importance of assessing work objectively prior to revisions and the realities of the current media landscape, including discussions of how to secure representation and the realities of selling and producing an original series.
SCRIPT X 422.7 Dramedy TV III or departmental approval.

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