iPad Drawing for Architects and Designers

ARCH X 469.1

Learn about 4 iPad drawing apps you can use in your daily professional lives: Morpholio Trace, Procreate, Shapr-3D and Concepts.


About this course:

The power of iPad apps for designers is that they combine the directness of drawing with a pencil with the modern image editing capabilities of Photoshop, allowing you to do more than hand-drawing or Photoshop can do alone. In this hands-on course, we’ll briefly touch on four apps—Morpholio Trace, Procreate, Shapr-3D and Concepts—then focus on the special powers of Morpholio Trace and Procreate. The class will be divided into three sections: 1) an overview of the modern image editing tools in both apps; 2) an exploration of how both apps can level up your freehand sketching, drafting and rendering, and 3) a deep dive on 2D and 3D rendering techniques unique to the iPad. Assignments will build skills in the context of real-world design challenges.

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