The stART of Graphic Storytelling

ARCH 713

Learn how to create a storyboard of your portfolio and organize it in a way that tells your design story both visually and graphically.


What you can learn.

  • Study basics of storyboarding
  • Learn essentials of setting up a strong, unique portfolio package
  • Discuss ways to strengthen your graphic storytelling
  • Understand how to build a strong design story

About this course:

Learning how to tell a story through different mediums (beyond just words) is powerful for any creative. As designers, we often focus so intensely on the drawings that we need to produce, we forget the importance of how we weave them together to create a story larger than each individual piece. We can apply this art of storytelling to not only a studio final, a portfolio design, a pitch to a new client, but any graphic or verbal presentation or document that you will produce for the rest of your life. This is when you need a storyboard, some design organization. In this seminar we will walk through how to create a storyboard of your portfolio. One example of how to use this powerful design organizational tool. How to take the work you've already done and organize it in a way that tells your design story both visually and graphically - with a bonus focus on expanding (or re-creating) your "big idea".

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