Performance Management Best Practices

MGMT 859.61

Learn the steps it takes to make your staff more effective, efficient, and productive in this one-day seminar. 


What you can learn.

  • 10 steps for being a successful manager
  • Assigning appropriate work to motivate staff, reduce your workload, and setting up employees for success
  • Staying in touch with progress without micromanaging and evaluating performance
  • Improving staff skills, behaviors, and attitudes so that they can do high quality work

About this course:

Performance management is the process of making your staff more effective, efficient, and productive. It is “How to Manage”. This one-day seminar will introduce the 10 steps it takes to be a successful manager and improve and/or maintain great employee performance, which is needed to compete in your marketplace and make your department and organization prosperous. Areas covered in this class are: deciding on the right work to assign to motivate staff and reduce your workload; setting up employees for success; staying in touch with their progress without micromanaging; improving staff skills, behaviors, and attitudes so that they can do high quality work; evaluating performance; and if necessary, risk-averse yet compassionate separation methods.

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