Crisis Leadership and Conflict Resolution

MGMT X 493.14

Crisis on any scale is an inevitability in the world today. As a leader, learn how to prepare for crisis and build the skills you need to resolve and mitigate crisis situations impacting your organization or community.  


What you can learn.

  • Identify and cultivate leadership strengths and skills to effectively face and resolve crisis
  • Learn how to identify crisis factors for your organization or community
  • Prepare plans to prevent, survive, and remediate crisis
  • Build conflict resolution skills

About this course:

New and globally impactful crises have become the norm in the twenty-first century. Crises can be described in many ways, including: humanitarian, economic, political, biological, nature-made, man-made, war-inspired, hostage, blockades, defense, etc. In recent years, top global crises include the financial meltdown, ISIS, immigration, Ebola, cyber-attacks, terrorist bombings/murders, hunger, and many more. Many now expect more crises with governments and companies spending enormous amounts of money for potential future protections. Predicting crises is beyond our reach, but knowing they will continue—if not ramp-up in frequency and severity—is almost a certainty. Preventing, surviving, and remediating crises requires preparation in addition to forethought. Leaders of organizations, from city/county governments to global corporations to nations are challenged to provide crisis related leadership. This course outlines leadership strengths that must be developed in order to effectively face and resolve/mitigate crisis issues impacting your organization or community.

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