AI in College Admissions

EDUC 724.3

Discover the potential of generative AI and explore its applications in college admissions. Join our first session to see how it helps with essays, letters, and more. Join the second session to explore the ethics and impact of AI on college admission processes.


What you can learn.

  • Discover how ChatGPT can help professionals in college admissions and college counseling
  • View a demonstration of ChatGPT in use
  • Explore ethical concerns in using AI for college admission processes
  • Learn ways to save time and streamline the work
  • Understand the changing criteria, expectations, and outcomes of AI on the admission landscape

About this course:

Part one: April 9, 2024   ChatGPT: A Powerful Tool for College Application and Admission Professionals    ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art natural language generation model that can produce coherent and engaging texts on various topics and domains. In this session, you will see live demonstrations of how ChatGPT can help college counselors and university admissions professionals with different aspects of their work, such as reviewing essays and personal statements, drafting recommendation letters and emails, building college lists, and more.      Part two: May 7, 2024   AI and University: Admissions & Beyond    Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we communicate, learn, and work. It also has a significant impact on the college application and admission processes, both for the professionals behind the scenes and the students going through the process. In this session, we will have a discussion with three practitioners within the entrepreneurial space. First, Powered by generative-AI and a passion for learning, ALBy is the solution we as fellow students designed to enhance the classroom and learning experience. ALBy is essentially a tool that focuses on active recall and studying to enhance critical thinking and long-term retention. We have currently developed an all-in-one learning management system and have a new project in the works: ALBy Games, a fun way of engaging in active recall. Vivian is currently a senior at an American high school in São Paulo, Brazil doing the IB diploma programme. From juggling an athletic career to a rigorous academic curriculum, Vivian understands firsthand that high school is a time of self-discovery and growth. During this time she was inspired to grow, and together with Lys and Gabriel created ALBy to help fellow students grow together. Lys is a current Swarthmore College Engineering student, and her academic journey blends specialization with diversity. A liberal arts foundation allowed exploration across various fields, supported by exceptional mentorship. Within this academic environment however, Lys noticed a resistance regarding AI in education. Through ALBy with the rest of the team, she hopes to change such perceptions.   Second, Harvi is an AI college counselor in every student’s pocket. Students can chat with Harvi anytime, anywhere. Harvi helps students find colleges, craft application essays, and search for scholarships. Michael is the founder and CEO of Harvi. While he was a student at Columbia, Michael founded a college prep startup called Dewey Smart that works with 400+ students a year. 
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