Post-MBA: Leadership For The Future

MGMT 813.1

This course will help you develop an understanding on how to effectively navigate the future of work and all its challenges. 


What you can learn.

  • Learn how the pandemic and other conditions accelerated the future of work
  • Discover how to become a leader centered on coaching, mentoring, inspiring, and leveraging emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to navigate new expectations around work and employee experience
  • Find out how AI will continue to transform work and how leaders lead organizations into the future

About this course:

The future of leadership involves fostering a culture that is inclusive and welcomes diversity. Communications have changed significantly within companies due to remote work and other factors. The use of technology such as virtual meetings, emails, instant messaging, and other communication platforms, which are accessible 24/7 through smart phones, laptops, and other devices, has increased. How do you create a work culture and workplace that takes advantage of these tools, has a vibrant and inclusive environment, and operationalizes the company’s values and priorities? You don’t want to be bogged down in endless meetings where everyone has something to say but no decisions are made and nothing is resolved. Study after study shows that a diverse group of average people make better and quicker decisions rather than relying on one individual, no matter how intelligent they are. Additionally, making decisions by considering multiple options almost always results in a better outcome than deciding based upon a single option. Through this course, you begin to understand how to effectively delegate responsibilities that allows participation but won’t slow down the decision-making process. Discussions will also include the underlying rules of communication that should drive the use of technology and an assessment of its effectiveness in today’s work environment.

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