Christine Sneed

Christine Sneed

MFA, screenwriter and author of the books The Virginity of Famous Men and Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos. Ms. Sneed has received the Grace Paley Prize, an O. Henry Award, and been a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize.


Instructor Statement:

In workshop, we'll aim for a free-flowing, inclusive exchange of ideas, a gathering of curious minds where the exclamation point is as welcome as the question mark. I’ve always thought the best writing makes us see clearly as well as feel strongly—as Toni Morrison said of her on writing, "I'm just trying to look at something without blinking." I hope to challenge and inspire you to see the world you inhabit with new eyes and from there, go on write about it with suspense, joy, and maybe some humor too. They say that many people stop laughing around age 23 (according to NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast)—the world of work weighs heavily on many of us, but in this class with a dash of luck, we’ll laugh and maybe cry once in a while too, but there will be plenty of exclamation points to go around—or question marks—whichever you prefer. Or both.

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