Juliette Monaco

Juliette Monaco

Instructor Bio:

B.F.A., from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, television writer, film writer, playwright, WGA member whose credits include The Last OG on TBS. Currently has projects in development with Kerry Washington at Disney+ and is shopping a project with attached producer Sarah Jessica Parker.


Instructor Statement:

I am here to remind you that writing television is the most fun job there is. My goal as your instructor is to help you fall in love with the process. As artists in whatever medium, we all have to learn the basics - I will help you learn the fundamentals of television writing that will help you turn your idea into a living, breathing show. And again, as artists of every medium, it is then your job (and hopefully great joy) to take the fundamentals and mess them up. Reinvent them to work for you. Take the building blocks and build whatever it is you want. I am so excited for the opportunity to get to work with writers with ideas I could never think of and experiences I have never had. These are the most informative pieces to creating something fresh and original. I aim to create an environment where writers feel free to play, to make mistakes, to challenge themselves to break the mold, to find their own voices. At the end of the day, this is the most important thing. Only you can tell your stories - and I want to create a safe environment where everyone feels free to workshop their ideas and surprise even themselves. This ideology will extend to the members of my class who I encourage to ask questions of their peers rather than offer unsolicited criticism. I did not follow a standard path in my career, instead I found champions, mentors and collaborators who helped me on my way. I hope to be a champion, mentor and collaborator to everyone in my class. I am not interested in showing you the right way to do something. Thankfully, writing television is not chemistry. But there are fantastic formulas and methods to help break and shape story that we will use - if only to show you the infinite possibilities of what you can write. I love collaboration and hope to bring that collaborative spirit into the classroom - and I have only one rule about it: Be curious, not judgmental.

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