Matt Witten

Matt Witten

Instructor Biography:

MFA, WGA member whose credits include Pretty Little Liars, Law and Order, House, CSI: Miami, Supernatural, Medium, and Homicide. He has written pilots for ABC, MTV, and the CW. His novel THE NECKLACE, optioned by Appian Way, will be published this fall, and he’s developing a futuristic drama with MWM.

Instructor Statement:

On many TV shows, there is a "writers' room" where the writing staff gets together to brainstorm ideas for episodes and work out plots and characters. When the writers' room is working well, it's a lot of fun and creatively invigorating. I like my classes to be like that, with a lot of brainstorming and discussions. The classroom environment is both supportive and rigorous. And entertaining. I am a firm believer in the paramount importance of story. Once you have a good story, the dialogue comes much more naturally. With an exciting story, even pedestrian dialogue can sound incredibly inspired.

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