HSK 6 Advanced Mandarin 3


HSK 6 Advanced Mandarin 3 is the third course of a five-course series of Advanced Mandarin language and culture. The main goal for this course is to help students prepare for the HSK 6 test.


What you can learn.

  • Understand the topic of more familiar, complex content of speech, key points as well as details
  • Comprehend the meaning of the article
  • Be able to describe or demonstrate topics of interest to oneself
  • Speak about certain topics with the goal of having a more in-depth conversation with others, speak to the point, and speak with meaning
  • Write general practical articles or working documents with correct format and clear language expression

About this course:

The main goal for this course is to help students prepare for the HSK 6 test. The Communicative Language Teaching Approach method will be used in this course. This broad and dynamic method emphasizes communication for real-life situations. It will develop linguistic fluency in an interactive way. In class, students will be engaged in communicative activities in Mandarin.

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