Horror Novel I


Learn about the horror genre and develop an outline and first chapter for your project in this workshop suitable for beginners.


What you can learn.

  • Gain a broad understanding of contemporary and historical horror
  • Develop a vision for your own horror writing
  • Understand how the pace of your novel will entrance readers
  • Craft an outline and first chapter of a longer work

About this course:

The horror novel is on one of its upswings, and America has a huge interest in vampires, zombies, paranormal activity, and Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Horror is both highbrow (Penguin Classic is re-issuing Thomas Ligotti’s collections) and low-brow (Tales from the Crypt has returned). This course provides aspiring horror writers with a broad understanding of the modern horror scene and its roots and helps you figure out how your vision and style fit into it. You discover what you’re good at, learn the pitfalls and obstacles you must avoid to create the well-paced novel that will sell, and acquire the skills and techniques you need to scare the pants off your readers. The course goal is to create an outline for your entire project, craft the perfect beginning for your horror novel, and receive expert advice about selling it.

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