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Group of Au Pairs at UCLA

Au Pair Weekend Courses

Unique and exciting courses for au pairs working in the United States. This program can also satisfy the U.S. Department of State au pair educational requirement.

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Da Vinci Extension 

Da Vinci Extension (DVX) exists to develop students and foster a safe environment to explore their college, career and life goals. This is done by creating a challenging but supportive learning environment. Our program seeks to equip students with growth in social, emotional and intellectual development.

Da Vinci Extension’s college and career pathway program, founded in 2015, builds upon the success of the Da Vinci Schools’ K-12 program, blending college, career and life to support students in navigating through their first years of college.

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UCLA Extension works in collaboration with EdAssist to offer members of their network a discount on course tuition fees.

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Global Dreamer Foundation

UCLA Extension works in collaboration with Global Dreamer Foundation to provide students and professionals from all backgrounds with access to quality education. 

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TBI-New Oasis

UCLA Extension works in collaboration with TBI-New Oasis on a short-term program to prepare students for studying in the U.S., including an introduction to American culture and the U.S. education system, along with opportunities for improving English proficiency. TBI-New Oasis is dedicated to guiding, supporting and mentoring international students on their journey to becoming successful in college and life. 

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Pathfinder Consultancy & Training

In collaboration with Pathfinder Consultancy & Training, UCLA Extension presents an advanced course in career counseling for international students. This comprehensive, self-paced online course covers college admissions and counseling processes, the roles and responsibilities of college counselors and techniques for effective college counseling. 

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