Master of Interior Architecture: Curriculum

Study at a CIDA-accredited graduate program

Curriculum (Effective Fall 2023)

The Master of Interior Architecture degree program requires the completion of 42 semester units. Full-time students can complete the program in 4 semesters. Upon admission into the program, students are required to register for all classes through Cal Poly Pomona’s BroncoDirect system. Please note that Cal Poly Pomona operates on a semester system.

1st Semester

Interior Architecture Studio A
INA 5110 / ARCH X 430C (4 units)

Concept Driven Design
INA 5120 / ARCH X 471.125 (3 units)

Understanding Building Codes
INA 5130 / ARCH X 427.20 (2 units)


2nd Semester

Interior Architecture Studio B
INA 5210 / ARCH X 471.19 (4 units)

Research & Programming Methodologies
INA 5220 / ARCH X 497 (3 units)

Interior Detailing and Building Systems
INA 5230 / ARCH X 467.27B (3 units)


3rd Semester

Master's Project: Interior Architecture Studio
INA 6940 / ARCH X 498.1 (5 units)

Business Strategies for Interior Architects
INA 6120 / ARCH X 497.4 (3 units)

The Ecology of Design
INA 6130 / ARCH X 467.55 (1 unit)


4th Semester

Master's Project: Interior Architecture Documents
INA 6950 / ARCH X 498 (3 units)

Project Management for Interior Architects
INA 6140 / ARCH X 498.2 (5 units)




*Five elective units total, of choice, are required in the Master’s curriculum.


Photography for Architecture & Interior
INA 5310 (2 units)

Advanced Lighting Design for Interior Architects
INA 5350 (2 units)

Intermediate Digital Design Tools for Interior Architects
INA 5501 (2 units)

Interior Design Law
INA 5710 (2 units)

Special Topics
INA 5990 (2 units)

Independent Study

Independent Research
INA 6920 (1-3 units)

Estimated Cost Breakdown

  • Application Fee: $70
  • Estimated Program Tuition: $30,100*
  • Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $3,500
  • Estimated Total Cost: $33,670
*Price per semester unit: $716. 

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