Plan of Study: Alcohol Abuse & Drug Counseling Certificate

Program at a Glance

In the charts below, view the quarter offered and teaching format for all courses in this certificate. This is a cohort-based program that starts in Fall Quarter, with prerequisites offered in Summer Quarter.

Course Format Legend

I = In-Person

= Remote

= Online

H (I) = Hybrid (In-Person)

H (R) = Hybrid (Remote)

For course format descriptions, see Instructional Formats.

The courses below are typically offered in the following quarters and instruction methods, but are subject to change.

Prerequisite Courses

Course Number and Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Information Session and New Student Orientation: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate
Study Skills and Other Key Preparations for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate*

*Required for students who have not completed an associate or baccalaureate degree. To waive this course, submission of an official college transcript is required.

Required Courses (41.5 Units)

Course Number and Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Year 1          
COM HLT X 470.1
Pharmacological Aspects of Alcohol and Other Drugs
4 R      
COM HLT X 470.5
Introduction to Counseling and the 12 Core Functions**
4 R      
COM HLT X 470.12
Self-Care for Addiction Professionals: Optimizing Health and Wellbeing
4   R    
COM HLT X 470.7
Individual Counseling Skills**
4   R    
COM HLT X 470.8
Co-Occurring Disorders for Addiction Professionals
4     R  
COM HLT X 470.9
Group Counseling Skills**
4     R  
COM HLT X 470.3
Developmental Aspects of Psychology and Addition
2       R
COM HLT X 470.6
Law and Ethics for Addiction Professionals
2       R
COM HLT X 470.10
Family Counseling Skills**
4       R
Year 2          
COM HLT X 470.4
Bringing Recovery to Diverse Populations
4 R      
COM HLT X 470.11
Supervised Field Work Practicum (2 quarter course)^
5.5 R R    

**Must be taken in sequential order to satisfy prerequisite requirements.
^This course spans two quarters, Fall entry only. Internship hours may require some weekend and evening scheduling.

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