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C&EE X 434.24
This course provides in depth education on air quality permitting and compliance processes with a focus on the South Coast Air Quality Management District, also helping to prepare for the Certified Permitting Professional Exam.
Format: Remote Instruction
C&EE 859
Want to become a building contractor? This course helps the tradesperson in the construction industry prepare for the Law test and Math questions within the state contractors licensing exam.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE X 400.16
This course provides engineers, designers, and contractors with a basic understanding and appreciation of fire protection systems, specifically automatic sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, and water supplies.
Format: Online
MECH&AE 715.02
This two-hour webinar will provide an overview of a systematic framework on how to create a cost model for a new product. We will touch all the elements of the cost model using a practice case, leading to the build-up of a comprehensive planning tool.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE X 424.8
This course covers the steps of designing a typical central plant for large buildings and campuses.
MECH&AE X 424.7
This is the first course in air conditioning engineering and design. During the course students will learn the basic engineering calculations and design rules.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE X 424.10
This course provides comprehensive coverage of HVAC equipment selection.
MECH&AE X 400.14
This course explores the design of plumbing systems for high-rise buildings including pertinent components and systems typically found in such buildings.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 400.17
This course provides training on basic hospital and laboratory design from a plumbing design standpoint.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 428.80
This course prepares students to fulfill the role of a Six Sigma Black Belt in providing technical guidance and mentoring to Green Belts, senior leadership, and other team members.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 428.90
This course prepares students with advanced Six Sigma Black Belt analytical activities and processes.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 400.8
This course reviews codes and basic engineering principles and graphic presentations related to plumbing systems design, including load calculations, piping design, and equipment selection.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 400.9
This course provides an in-depth training on a comprehensive plumbing design, calculations and code requirements of advanced plumbing systems.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 400.10
This course covers the concepts of special plumbing systems and plumbing components and equipment with discussion on fire protection systems and green plumbing.
Format: Online
ENGR 809
This course is designed to help you prepare for the PE Mechanical Exam. The course reviews subjects covered in the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) PE Exam for Mechanical Engineers.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE 715.01
Join us for an introduction to digital actuators and a look at the new digital actuator control systems in this 2-hour webinar.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE 715.05
In this 2-hour webinar you will understand a basic understanding on how rockets and satellite work. 
MECH&AE X 428.69
Learn how to identify and manage process-improvement projects using the systematic, analytical Six Sigma approach.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
Coronavirus has disrupted supply chains for nearly 75% of U.S. companies (Axios, Feb. 2020). Learn how your organization can get back on its feet with the tools, techniques and strategies of Lean Six Sigma.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE 810.200
This course presents both fundamental concepts and practical instruction in methods for fatigue, durability, and damage tolerance analysis/testing of metallic aircraft structures.
C&EE 801
This course prepares participants for the State of California Professional Engineers Board Traffic Engineer License Exam.
Format: Remote Instruction
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