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ART X 427.13
Encouraging students to see in new ways, this studio-based course focuses on translating visual representation into abstraction.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART X 450.10
Through a series of studio-based creative projects, complete at least three works and expand your ability to create a respond to abstract art.
ART X 427.22
In this course, students work from live models to translate the figure into abstract imagery
ART X 135
Designed for those at an intermediate or advanced level, students in this course develop and work on a personal project, with guidance and input from the instructor.
ART 801.23
This one day class will cover many aspects of the intrigue of shooting after dark, from architecture and travel to the night sky and the elusive Milky Way.
ART HIS 850.77
Explore art as social activism, from 19th century pioneers such as Goya and Daumier to the present #MeToo and Black Lives Matter-inspired art.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART HIS 800.15
This class will explore the state of art and the changes that have occurred within the international art world since the start of the new millennium, with a major focus on the impact of the events of 2020.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART 864.51
In this mixed media course, students experiment with collage as a means of exploring autobiographical content.
A beginning course in drawing designed to develop and expand one's observational abilities and rendering skills.
Format: Online
From palette building to mark making to composition, this course explores the fundamentals of painting with acrylic paint--a fast-drying, permanent, and clean water-based medium that permits easy correction and change.
ART X 15
Learn the fundamentals of figure painting working directly from models
Learn how to paint using oils on canvas, board and paper
ART X 429
This course introduces beginners to the art of calligraphy, and gives them mastery over basic calligraphic tools. Alphabets vary by quarter.
ART 855.65
Work from live models and black and white photos to create portraits, from the early stages of setup to the finishing strokes. 
ART X 430
In this course, students explore the spontaneous style of Chinese Brush Painting through hands-on step-by-step instruction.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART 821.11
Explore the wonders of spontaneous-style Chinese Brush Painting during two full days of hands-on, step-by-step instruction.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART 730.26
Interested in photography but not sure what type of camera to buy? This free workshop covers the ins and outs of digital cameras, from point-and-shoot to prosumer models. Learn what make and model will best fit your creative goals. 
ART X 450.20
Explore the history, theory and strategies of conceptual art in this studio-based course
ART X 440.96
For students who wish to focus on personal projects, this course explores the history of fine art photography, Dada, photography's influence on performance art, Fluxus, chance operations, structuralism, and conceptualism.
ART HIS 854.21
This course focuses on the art of the last 50 years, often labeled postmodern.
ART HIS 800.19
This course will examine the intersections between food and art history and include a virtual hands-on cooking component.
ART X 428.13
This course introduces students to a variety of creative methods of expression using studio drawing projects.
Format: Online
ART X 450.40
Advanced photographers will expand their knowledge of the photographic process through weekly collaborative group critiques.
ART X 440.38
Strengthen your visual storytelling by adding a time-based element to your work. 
ART X 428
Learn hands-on strategies for creating memorable portraits though interaction with your subject, their environment, and meaningful objects within it.
ART X 428.99
Learn the ins and outs of event photography in this course that includes lecture, creative assignments, crique, and two weekend hands-on event shoots.
ART HIS 852.52
Take a virtual trip to Florence, focusing on the museums and architecture of the famed birthplace of the Renaissance.
ART HIS 851.42
This course explores the current L.A. art scene--artists, dealers, galleries, and institutions--and the relationships between them.
ART X 426.89
Explore both contemporary and traditional approaches to portraiture by looking at the head in relation to the full body
Format: Online
ART 855.64
Work from live models and focus on an exploration of gestural movement in this four session workshop
ART X 420.20
Post-Impressionist painters like Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse, and Rousseau used distinctive brush strokes, unnatural or arbitrary color, and were inclined to emphasize geometric forms and…
ART X 440.43
Learn the fundamental fabrication techniques of handmade jewelry making in this hands-on course.
ART HIS 850.31
This course charts the development of abstraction, one of the dominant styles of 20th century art.
ART 803.81
Using branches, leaves, and flowers, create new and differently-styled arrangements each week that capture the beauty and elegance of nature.
ART 803.82
Students create new and different-styled arrangements each week using fresh or dried branches, leaves and flowers. For intermediate-level students who want to continue practicing their craft and improving their technique. 
ART 825.97
This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the italic style of calligraphy.
ART 825.96
This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the pointed pen style of calligraphy
ART 855.60
In this four-week workshop with live models, learn and practice the fundamentals of figure drawing and engage in fun and creative exercises to build your skills.
ART X 440.89
Get an introduction to the basic characteristics of light, including fundamental priciples of lighting for photography using only available light and simple, affordable accessories
ART X 440.22
Gain an understanding of how to use natural and artificial lighting to enhance your subject.
Format: Online
ART X 482.14
Work one-on-one with an instructor who guides your development of a meaningful project geared toward a portfolio piece, competition, freelance assignment, or other advanced goal.
Format: Online
ART HIS 860.52
This course introduces the two main cultural paradigms of our times, modernism and postmodernism, through lectures and review of major artist's work. 
ART HIS 800.16
Join us virtually as we explore some of the world’s greatest museums through a guided tour of select paintings, sculptures, photography, new media and architecture.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART HIS 874.03
This class will take as its point of focus Mary Gabriel's book Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art, published in 2017.  The course will expand the book's content so as to include other female painters and sculptors allied with Abstract Expressionism. 
ART X 426.8
Use pastel to learn and practice foundational concepts in color theory, form and composition
ART X 440.80
An introduction to concepts in composition, including foreground, middle ground, and background; point of view; visual hierarchy; lens choice; depth of field; and revealing intent through compositional choices.
Format: Online
ART X 428.56
This in-depth exploration of photographic portraiture covers approaching subjects, establishing a rapport, collaborating with your subject, and digital workflow.
Format: Online
ART X 438.9
Explore the fundamental technical and aesthetic principles of digital photographic processes, including DSLR camera operation, composition, and digital retouching and manipulation.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
ART X 439.90
Both intermediate and advanced photographers will gain control of all photographic variables while attempting various creative assignments in this course.
Format: Online
ART X 450.37
Through a series of creative assignments, get personalized guidance and feedback on building a cohesive photography portfolio.
Format: Online
ART X 435.66
This course presents an examination of the styles and techniques of iconic photographers, and how to shoot in their styles using contemporary tools and techniques.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART X 440.21
Designed for beginning photographers, this course provides an introduction to digital workflow using Photoshop.
Format: Remote Instruction
ART HIS 879.14
Politics, economics, religion, and Rembrandt’s family life all contributed to the rise and fall of his fame and fortune. Using Rembrandt as an example, this course illustrates how personal choices, along with an uncontrollable environment, work together to determine the direction and ultimate end of a life.
ART HIS 846.21
Study the evolution of art and food from ancient Greece and Rome to America in the Gilded Age through discussions that weave art and culinary history at Los Angeles museums.
ART X 432.55
Develop and execute a series of work, and discover the way series photography can expand narrative and deepen discussion.
ART X 434.57
This course provides a historical, commercial, and hands-on approach for exploring still life photography. 
ART X 445.3
Explore the history of urban street photography and create your own images in this course which includes classroom lectures, tours and critique. 
ART HIS X 446.3
Delve into the art and architecture of the 1700 through 1800s in this lecture course, which includes artists like Degas, Monet and van Gogh
ART 802.21
For those seeking to have their work published, this short course draws from decades of experience in the profession to advise on the myriad of business decisions that await you as an independent photographer.
ART HIS 821.37
This course will identify the 16 major artistic periods in Western civilization, from prehistory to contemporary, and will identify the single characteristic that best describes  the artistic endeavors of each period.
ART 860.70
This course looks at the life and impact of Lady Elgin, who achieved the acquisition of ancient marble sculptures from the Acropolis of Athens.
ART HIS 860.55
This course presents an overview of the major monuments in Western art, from prehistoric through modern times.
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