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MUSC X 446.2
Learn the functions of the A&R professional, including the collective effort needed from all departments—artist and label—in the creation of recorded music in all formats, from inception to acquisition and release.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 498
Immerse yourself into the creative and logistical process of scoring a film from finding your own musical aesthetic to the practicalities of collaborating with others in the scoring process.
MUSC X 483.2
This course further explores the unique evocative capabilities of each musical instrument and examines their applications in regard to scoring to picture, considered from both the composer's and orchestrator's perspective.
MUSC X 482.8
Through weekly in-depth film score analyses, aspiring film composers, producers, and directors gain an understanding of what makes an effective and memorable film score and how it is assembled.
MUSC 702.2
A one-time seminar that surveys and analyzes great moments in cinematic film scoring, from classic movies to current trends.
MUSC X 441.3
Specifically tailored to independent artists, this course presents a practical and effective introduction to the theory, art, and craft of sound recording.
Format: Online
MUSC X 482.3
This seminar is for film composers, filmmakers, and others interested in the subtle art of film scoring. During the seminar we will examine the crucial contribution music makes to narrative and emotional expression in film.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 485
Learn the aspects of scoring for animation including musical jokes, quick changes in style, and mood in wall-to-wall score by following broad schools of animation: story driven, action-oriented animation, and hip and quirky.
MUSC X 478.52
Through weekly writing assignments and audio-visual demonstrations, you gain an understanding of the composition techniques, organization, and delivery formats unique to the video game industry.
MUSC X 404.4
Of interest to beginners as well as more experienced songwriters, this course offers a supportive and inspirational writing workshop environment focusing on three interrelated aspects of songwriting: form, theme, and content.
MUSC X 440
Through intensive, hands-on, real-world classes, learn the ins-and-outs of the creative side of music production from performing to producing.
MUSC X 441.5
Explore the full potential of creating music using professional sound equipment to obtain industry standard clarity, as well as learning how to craft compelling artist performances and recording using software.
MUSC 702.1
A panel discussion with film composers about the a state of the film scoring industry with an eye toward the future
MUSC X 448.80
Learn the exhaustive process of DIY music sales and promotion from developing your brand and identifying your vision all the way to promotions and publicity while creating your own customized, low-budget marketing plan.
MUSC X 401.5
Designed for both musicians and lyricists, this hands-on introduction to the craft of songwriting focuses on collaboration and teaches a step-by-step method for writing a professional-quality song.
MUSC X 451
Learn exciting, new strategies to successfully launch your independent music career through establishing your brand, monetizing your efforts, harnessing the power of the internet, and building your fan base.
Format: Hybrid
MUSC X 483.1
Learn to compose an effective film score on a limited budget using both MIDI pre-records and live professional musicians.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 498.3
Learn the fundamentals of conducting from a professional film and concert conductor with practice focusing on baton technique, cueing, and other aspects. Work with live professional musicians to practice skills learned.
MUSC X 403.52
Introduce yourself to the power and nuance of harmony, study its use in classical symphonies, gain a foundational understanding of harmony, and create your own compositions emulating the harmonic lessons learned.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 403.53
Deepen your understanding of harmony with an exploration of contemporary music starting with the French Impressionists of the 19th century and ending with current composers. In this course, you will create your own compositions informed by the lessons learned from great composers.
MUSC X 483.43
Explore why musical instruments sound as they do, how their sound is produced, and the rudiments of combining those sounds together by learning the scoring techniques for each orchestral family.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 480
Introduce yourself to the industry standard music producing software Logic Pro. Logic Pro combines composition, notation, and audio production facilities. Learn the process of creating a song from recording to mixing.
Format: Online
MUSC X 479.12
Learn the foundational skills and working knowledge needed to use Pro Tools. Learn how to start your own projects or interface with others using Pro Tools. This course is ideal for those who are just beginning with Pro Tools.
Format: Online
MUSC X 448.35
Discover how to monetize and maintain revenue in the music industry, no matter what your role may be, by exploring copyrights, streaming services, social networks, the nature of talent/business agreements, and much more.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 415.3
Develop your artistic identity, stage presence, and signature sound. Single yourself out as a performer, artist, and songwriter by developing a unique presence in today's entertainment industry.
MUSC X 499
Gain firsthand experience in the music industry through an internship in your chosen field. Only candidates in certificate programs are eligible for internship credit.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MUSC X 449.2
Learn how to turn talent and popularity into revenue through different kinds of licensing rights, how licensing applies to the music industry, negotiating strategies, and more.
MUSC X 448.81
Learn the basics of music publishing through a multi-platform course that covers everything from effective songs, marketing, copyright and protecting your money, and pitching your music to the entertainment industry at large.
MUSC X 448.17
Understand the world of music publishing for businesses and personal managers. This course gives you a basic understanding of copyright law, songwriting agreements, and more through lectures, discussions, and guest speakers.
MUSC X 484.31
Interested in the business and art of film and television music? Learn exactly what a music supervisor does by drawing on the combined resources of the film and television communities to marry music and moving images.
MUSC X 409.8
In this workshop, songwriters seek to hone their craft through support and critique as each class is divided in two parts: the first section devoted to critiquing student compositions and the second to lectures and discourse.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 484.931
Learn how to develop and fine-tune your musical skills for scoring TV commercials with weekly assignments, discussions, and critiques. Finish this course with a successful body of work to be put on your reel or website.
MUSC X 449.41
Geared towards film composers, this course teaches you the basics of recording, mixing, and editing in the modern DAW environment.
MUSC X 483.3
Gain an understanding, and learn to emulate, current compositional techniques and their enhanced possibilities of expression. Learn to sound like a contemporary composer, as many professionals are asked to do on assignment.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 449.91
Learn to bring your electronic realizations of your demos and scores to more vivid life through take-home assignments, and learn to produce sample-based cues that sound more musical and realistic.
MUSC X 448.14B
Learn the art and craft of mixing music as it applies to the many creative and technical considerations involved in "mixing" by exploring a new genre of music each week that is mixed from start to finish.
MUSC X 403.51
This course is designed for all those who wish to develop a foundation in the craft of composition regardless of stylistic differences through the study of counterpoint.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 448.171
Focusing on the vital business skills needed to build and maintain your career as a film and television composer, this course features comprehensive coverage of current business and financial practices in the industry.
MUSC X 447.31
Discover all that it takes to be a successful music manager from finding out what exactly they do, to avoiding management pitfalls, and understanding how managers work in the independent and digital space.
MUSC X 448.6
An overview of the role of the record producer and their responsibility through all the stages of making a record: pre-production, recording, overdubs, editing, mixing, and mastering.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 448.86
Understand the business and mechanics of the concert touring industry with insights into planning shows, acquiring revenue through ticket sales and merchandising, and maximizing profits through marketing and promotion.
Format: Remote Instruction
MUSC X 483.12
This comprehensive workshop in writing music for the string family takes a thorough look at the contemporary and historical use of the strings in both film and concert music composition.
Format: Remote Instruction
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