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MECH&AE 830.42
The primary objective of this course is to introduce the subject of Flight Mechanics, as applied to atmospheric, fixed-wing, flight vehicles, and to provide a clear understanding of related topics, specifically Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Performance, Static and Dynamic Stability, and Flight Controls. This course will be held virtually via Adobe Connect. 
MECH&AE 810.40
This course provides a comprehensive background in metallic airframe sizing that combines input from both material strength analyses and hands-on design experience.
MECH&AE 847.100
This course provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of composite structural analysis for aircraft and spacecraft vehicles. This course is specifically designed for Northrop Grumman employees and is not open to the public.
MECH&AE 810.50
This course introduces participants to practical hands-on information, data, and techniques for designing composite airframe structures with respect to design regulations and specifications. It covers a broad range of aircraft configurations, from transports and fighters to general aviation aircraft.
MECH&AE 847.102
This course allows participants to integrate the information presented in the preceding courses and use this knowledge in an individual or team project.
MECH&AE 847.101
This course provides aspects of the materials construction and testing, and examines manufacturing tolerances and their impact in the materials construction processing. This course is specifically designed for Northrop Grumman employees and is not open to the public.
MGMT 715.01
This one hour program will draw on studies that reveal the essential skills for maximizing creativity, health, and productivity in times of crisis. These skills are equally applicable to both work and home environments.
EC ENGR 830.70
This course emphasizes the DSP technology used in modern communication systems.  
EC ENGR 830.80
Learn the essential concepts of full DSP synchronization for timing recovery, phase recovery, and carrier recovery. Understand the processes through sample designs and implementations. This course will be held virtually via Adobe Connect. 
MECH&AE 810.75
This course includes an overview of damage tolerance and durability of composites.
MECH&AE 810.76
This course provides practical design considerations for composite structures used in aircraft and space applications. Instruction covers building block approach for qualifying new composite designs, and the role of advanced manufacturing, development, and rapid prototyping in supporting design, including recent NGC case studies. This course is specifically designed for Northrop Grumman employees and is not open to the public.
EC ENGR 870.200
This course will teach you how to design printed circuit assemblies & enclosures for EMI-EMC compliance including IOT and 5G. This course will be held virtually via Adobe Connect.
EC ENGR 801.02
Course is designed to benefit industry scientists, engineers, program managers, and other professionals who have a need to develop the necessary technical background to effectively design, develop, test, deploy, and operate Li-Ion battery energy storage systems.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE 830.50
This course provides an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and their applications.
EC ENGR 870.90
This course is for anyone who has worked with today’s ICs, high-speed designs and PCB layouts.  No advanced math is required though attendees will find it helpful to bring a scientific calculator to the course. The course is not an introductory course. It is presented at a technical level that will provide experienced designers with information to design and layout a high speed PCB.
MECH&AE 830.70
This course is designed for practitioners who want to develop, streamline, or enhance their knowledge and experiences in Kalman filters. This course will be held virtually via Adobe Connect. 
MGMT 715.20
You will learn skills that will help you manage every generation but they will be exponentially important when working with Millennials.
EC ENGR 810.70
This course is an intensive and comprehensive presentation of all aspects of the measurement of microwave antenna characteristics.
EC ENGR 860.50
This course presents the structure, unique attributes and capabilities, and implementation considerations of standard multirate filter structures including polyphase, dyadic half-band, and Cascade Integrator-Comb (CIC).
EC ENGR 810.80
This course describes sensor and data fusion methods that improve the probability of correct target detection, classification, identification, and state estimation.
MGMT 815.15
Learn analytical tools and techniques for anticipating and exploiting the changing competitive environment to respond to the influences on business, society, politics, the economy, the environment, and technology.
MECH&AE 870.12
This course will provide the student with an enhanced knowledge and ability to design for manufacturability by providing a basic understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing based on ASME Y14.5 standards.
EC ENGR 810.90
This intensive 3-day course provides a state-of-the-art review of satellite communications networks and applications from system and service perspectives. 
MECH&AE 810.110
Understand the "big picture" of space launch vehicle design by exploring the history of manned and unmanned launch vehicles, along with current designs and future concepts. This class will be held virtually via Zoom.
Format: Remote Instruction
MECH&AE 830.90
Learn how to design a spacecraft or satellite attitude control system by exploring real spacecraft design and understanding modern practical design and analysis methods.
MECH&AE 810.170
This course is intended to help practicing engineers and managers (structural or non-structural) with limited structural background become familiar with the concepts, techniques, and practices that are essential to the development of spacecraft structures. The general background of spacecraft structures, fundamental structural mechanics theories, and the engineering procedures that are employed in daily engineering practices from design to verification are introduced.
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