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Learning skills for in-demand jobs

In the current economy, the job market is booming with many opportunities and a low unemployment rate. The number of job openings reached around 7.1 million by end of February 2019, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

We want to assist you in making an informed decision on growth opportunities, help you accelerate your career, or change to a completely new industry. Toward that end, we've curated a list of in-demand jobs and related programs from UCLA Extension to help you attain the most desired skills.

Please note: Median wages, growth rates and sample job titles are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

In-Demand Jobs:

Human Resource Manager

Median Wage: $110,120
Growth (2016-2026): 9%

Sample Job Titles: Employee Relations Manager, Job Analysis Manager, Labor Relations Director, Personnel Administrator, Personnel Director, Personnel Manager, Position Description Manager

Get started at UCLA Extension with a certificate in Human Resources Management, or courses such as Elements of Human Resources ManagementTalent Acquisition, and Employee Relations and Legal Aspects. 


Median Wage: $84,060
Growth (2016-2026): 13%

Sample Job Titles: Analytical Statistician, Applied Statistician, Biometrician, Biostatistician, Environmental Statistician, Mathematical Statistician

Get started at UCLA Extension with courses such as Business StatisticsPredictive AnalyticsIntroduction to Statistical Reasoning, and Advanced Statistics and Quantitative Methods.

Information Security Analyst

Median Wage: $ 95,510
Growth (2016-2026): 29%

Sample Job Titles: Computer Security Specialist, Computer Systems Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Information Systems Security Analyst, Internet Security Specialist, Network Security Analyst

Get started at UCLA Extension with certificates in Information Technology Management and Systems Analysis, and courses in Fundamentals of CybersecurityJava Programming, and Fundamentals of Information Technology Management.

Web Developer

Median Wage: $67,990
Growth (2016-2026): 15%

Sample Job Titles: Internet Application Developer, Internet Developer, Intranet Developer, Web Content Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer

Get started at UCLA Extension with certificates in Web TechnologyDesign Communication Arts, and courses in Web Technology Fundamentals, or Website Development with Adobe Software.

Marketing Manager

Median Wage: $132,230
Growth (2016-2026): 10%

Sample Job Titles: Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Administrator, Marketing Director

Get started at UCLA Extension with certificates in Marketing and Digital Marketing, and courses in Brand ManagementConsumer Market Research, and many others.

Software and Applications Developer

Median Wage: $101,790
Growth (2016-2026): 31%

Sample Job Titles: Application Integration Engineer, Applications Developer, Computer Applications Developer, Computer Applications Engineer, Database Developer, Software Applications Architect, Software Applications Designer

Get started at UCLA Extension with a certificate in Applications Programming, or courses such as Fundamentals of Software DevelopmentUser Experience: Software, and Python Programming.


Median Wage: $101,900
Growth (2016-2026): 30%

Sample Job Titles: Algebraist, Cipher Expert, Cryptanalyst, Cryptographer, Cryptographic Vulnerability Analyst, Geometrician, Mathematician

Get started at UCLA Extension with courses in Precalculus, Introduction to Calculus, Integration and Infinite Series, Mathematics for Management, and Advanced Statistics and Quantitative Methods.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Median Wage: $139,220
Growth (2016-2026): 12%

Sample Job Titles: Application Development Director, Computer Operations Manager, Computer Security Manager, Data Operations Director, Data Processing Manager

Get started at UCLA Extension with a certificate in System Analysis, and courses such as Introduction to SQLFundamentals of CybersecurityRelational Database Management.


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