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MGMT X 497.41
This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the Blockchain space by providing an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities of Blockchain technology.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 430.711
This core class provides a basic understanding of functions and impact of the business analyst role, focusing on functions related to the development of enterprise-wide solutions.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.712
This course focuses on how to determine the activities required in order to “zero-in” or define business/organizational issue(s), create an initial work plan, and demonstrate how actions will be carried out.
Format: Online
MGMT X 109
In the business world, writing clear, concise, and comprehensible copy is critical to success. For those with limited business experience, this course provides the opportunity to improve communication in a business setting.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT 891.02
This course explores the theoretical foundations and applications of business ethics.The coursework, tools, and discussions in business ethics provide a solid ethical foundation integral to all business careers.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.811
This course teaches essential organizational elements for executive assistance, including company structures, marketing, forecasting/budgeting processes, and customer relationship management.
MGMT X 408.805
In this capstone course, students build at least one module of a preparedness plan each week utilizing lessons learned in the previous five courses. Employed students may utilize their employer as the subject case.
Format: Online
MGMT 859.8
Intended for those in managerial or supervisory roles, this workshop introduces the basic elements of coaching and mentoring to help boost performance, harness competitive energy, or defuse problems.
From thoughts and feelings, to skills needed for active listening and straight talking, learn about the total communication process and become a more effective communicator.
MGMT X 493.11
The 21st century has ushered in a new wave of management development and leadership practices. This course presents new leadership models needed to collaborate, coordinate, and work within current global contexts.
MGMT 859.5
In this seminar, learn the keys to successfully building and managing effective teams that consistently perform well.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 859.16
In this seminar, learn about the attributes of quality leadership, and gain the skills and confidence needed to practice the art of leadership.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 493.14
Crisis on any scale is an inevitability in the world today. As a leader, learn how to prepare for crisis and build the skills you need to resolve and mitigate crisis situations impacting your organization or community.  
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 490.8
With business becoming more global, the ability to work across cultural boundaries is vital. This course provides students with the skills needed to navigate today's diverse business community.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 408.812
This course focuses on the cyber security management factors required to protect people, information, infrastructure, and other assets as our lives and our critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly digitally dependent.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.716
This course provides a thorough working knowledge of business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel 2013, with the ultimate objective of transforming data and modeling assumptions into actionable key metrics.
MGMT 802.1
This practical, skills-building seminar provides participants with the skills needed to deal constructively with people when their behavior is unpleasant and difficult.
Format: Remote Instruction
SPEECH 806.4
This hands-on workshop helps participants become comfortable, confident, and masterful presenters. The principles presented apply to business settings as well as other activities.
MGMT X 408.810
This course introduces the concepts and skills to effectively design and implement an enterprise risk management program that is tailored to an organization's culture, governance structure, and current management processes.
Format: Online
MGMT 880.010
This course provide students with the knowledge and resources required to perform all the necessary steps in developing a comprehensive emergency management program (EMP) for institutions of all sizes.
MGMT 760.10
Effective leadership and communication skills and are perhaps the greatest determinants of professional success. Individuals must demonstrate leadership effectiveness, but first, they must determine…
MGMT X 408.801
This course provides an understanding of the key elements of emergency preparedness, elements of effectively managing any major crisis, and how to develop an emergency preparedness strategy.
MGMT 760.16
Challenging times add to the struggle of leadership. This engaging interactive session will show you how to activate the power of empathy to save time and energy and gain a business advantage.
MGMT X 408.813
This course advances your acquisition of meaningful insights from risk and decision analysis methods and techniques.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.811
In this course students are introduced to the basic and advanced tools and techniques of risk and decision analysis, risk management, and insurance, which they will apply to select cases.
Employing a workshop style approach, this course focuses on clear writing techniques, emphasizing business applications.
MGMT X 408.809
This course introduces the basic principles and concepts of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Gain an understanding of how ERM integrates into an organization's governance structure and processes.
MGMT X 408.802
This course helps emergency managers communicate to senior managers the elements, tasks, and roles that comprise organizational preparedness for disasters, both inside the company and external to the company.
Format: Online
MGMT X 493.13
New companies today need to be agile and flexible. This course provides a roadmap for developing, nurturing, and achieving success through leading hot groups, and working around traditional hierarchical structures.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 408.803
This course provides training and education to effectively deal with the success or failure of every preparedness plan: the human execution of best practices in a highly stressed environment.
Format: Online
ENGL X 401.6
Intended for individuals who write, edit, prepare final copy or is interested in the structure and use of the English language, this workshop reviews the basic rules that apply to virtually every piece of writing.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.806
This course, an alternative to the Capstone "Building the Preparedness Plan" course, practical experience and application of the knowledge and skills learned in the previous courses.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT 861.4
This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the Blockchain space by providing an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities of Blockchain technology.
MGMT X 493.12
This collaborative course examines what constitutes "effective" leadership across cultures, and prepares students for business assignments outside of their home countries.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 490.996
Designed for those in leadership roles, this course will focus on interpersonal behaviors and communication skills with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 483
This course focuses on concepts relevant to community-based health care organizations, including institutional finance, leadership, and management.
MGMT 859.4
Designed for those in a supervisory role, this seminar focuses on leadership as a means to effect change and accomplish desired results.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 760.08
In this session, learn the power of making the right decisions at the right time as a leader. During crisis, every aspect of an organization is stressed: people, cash flow, customers, stakeholders,…
MGMT X 190
Develop your management skills with this introductory course on the theory and applications of managerial functions.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT X 491.11
In today's business environment, change is constant. Learn how to prepare for and navigate through change in order to emerge successfully.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 893
This highly interactive workshop provides participants with practice in the basics of using key techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 863.50
This one-hour webinar will provide remote managers with the essential strategies required to lead successfully by building communication norms and strengthening trust amongst team members separated by distance.
MGMT 863.51
This one-hour webinar will provide you with the strategies and skills to create high-trust team relationships and provide feedback that has a positive impact.
MGMT X 430.813
This course begins presumes basic working knowledge of Office tools and work products, and focuses on learning advanced communications, analytical, presentation, and planning support tools required by senior managers.
MGMT 760.13
Learn to build relationships that lead to new projects with current clients, create satisfying, inclusive communication on current projects, and generate brand new work from prospects.
MGMT X 456
This course introduces methodologies that foster cultural change and enable employees to participate in transforming companies to more sustainable organizations.
MGMT X 482.202
Organizations today are highly diverse workplaces. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to successfully lead and communicate in your organization.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT X 430.812
This course is a blend of best practices and interpersonal skill development found in senior assistant positions, preparing students for the vast array of executive representation/follow-up activities they may encounter.
MGMT 863.66
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (earlier…
MGMT 863.65
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (earlier…
MGMT 863.64
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (earlier…
MGMT 859.61
Ideal for anyone with a supervisory role, learn the steps it takes to make your staff more effective, efficient, and productive in this seminar. 
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 900.004
A part-time program designed to launch or accelerate a high-growth career in Product Management. In 18 weeks, learn to manage an entire product experience using popular frameworks and tools.
SPEECH X 417.1
Public speaking is an essential skills for business professionals. Gain the skills needed to be an effective public speaker.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 760.18
Learn to be an effective public speaker by unlocking the natural speaker within using seven keys that make professional communicators A.W.E.S.O.M.E. - Aligned, Wired, Empathetic, Simple, Open, Magical and Engaging.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 430.713
This course builds on prior certificate courses and focuses on techniques to plan and manage the elicitation process, critical to a successful business analysis, which demands thorough requirements elicitation and analysis.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.714
This courses hones the business analyst skills required for successful project outcomes: collaboration, internal negotiation, motivation, and integration of analytical, verbal and written communication.
MGMT 880.014
This course will train school and school district officials to conduct campus vulnerability assessments in order to prevent or reduce the consequences of man-made or natural disasters.
MGMT 760.14
Great leaders at every level use techniques to appear calm, enthusiastic, visionary and supportive. This course will help you discover critical components of managing your feelings and behavior so you can think clearly, creatively, and collaboratively.
MGMT X 430.715
This course covers the final step of business analysis, focusing on designing and implementing solutions with measurable, reportable outcomes, and communicating to stakeholders post-implementation reviews and assessments.
Format: Online
This workshop helps individuals who speak with a non-native or regional American dialect develop skills needed to pronounce American English.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 837.7
Practice the skills needed to assess a product idea and design a product.
MGMT 837.8
Examine the phases of product management from software engineering through live launch and growth.
MGMT X 408.804
This course provides the tools for conducting risk and vulnerability assessments for any organization and incorporating these assessments into thriving emergency plans.
Format: Online
MGMT 791.2
This no-cost, interactive online course provides an understanding of economic panics, recessions, and recoveries and their relationships to long-term economic growth, jobs creation, and financial markets.
Format: Online | Hybrid
COMCTN X 482.7
This workshop is designed for individuals at all levels in their career who desire to polish and/or develop additional communication skills in formal and informal settings to help improve their success at work.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 760.17
While using online communication platforms for business, professionalism needs to translate. This session will help you access virtual networking opportunities and produce a great set up to help put your best face forward in 2021.
Public speaking can induce fear and panic. Learn how to overcome these fears in this course, which provides participants with a foundation in public speaking that is specific to each individual's personality and style.
Format: Remote Instruction
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