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DESMA X 479.5K
Learn to develop a viable, feasible, desirable AR/VR/MR product presentation or prototype based on client needs and market conditions. Pitch your completed concept to fellow students and industry judges.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.99VV
Develop a real-world Web Application that leverages the concepts covered throughout the course and meets modern industry demands.
DESMA X 479.6D
Work in an agency-inspired environment to develop concepts and strategies to deliver information, products, and brands that engage the consumer.
DESMA X 482.9L
Build the skillset needed to become an art director, or work with one. Research existing campaigns, then begin to develop your own campaign using the creative brief as your guide to develop a strategy and rationale for your work. Complete the course with a design strategy that follows up on the creative brief.
DESMA 713.1
This free workshop is for anyone interested in bringing stories to life with animation.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.24B
In this survey course for students from multiple disciplines, learn what worlds open up to you when you speak rudimentary and basic code.
DESMA X 482.10
Learn to use color theory to communicate ideas and enhance concepts more effectively.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
DESMA X 485.99
Learn best practices on how to define, construct, and implement content across digital products and media.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.6A
A hands-on introduction to the creative process and core elements of successful graphic design.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
DESMA X 479.3D
Gain a broad understanding of design and its dynamic past to create inspired projects in the present.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.6E
In this hands-on course, research, design, and present collateral communication projects, achieving visual solutions that are functional, elegant, appropriate.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.2D
Learn to develop memorable identity systems using symbols, icons, logos, and comprehensive environments.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.6P
In this thesis-oriented capstone course, Design Communication Arts students put all they've learned into action to tackle real-world design projects in the civic realm.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.5D
Explore the fundamentals of project management and a systematic process approach to the management of design and multimedia projects.
DESMA X 481.60
Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are covered in this intensive and immersive course to learn the essential Adobe CC programs utilized in graphic design.
Format: Online
DESMA X 481.55
This course will introduce the concepts of design thinking and help you strengthen your insights, thinking skills, and ability to innovate as a designer.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA 850.19
Design education leaders Scott Hutchinson and Dave Moon teach you how to take your design career goals from lackluster to brilliant.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.22C
Design and develop dynamic websites with stunning graphic design utilizing this powerful and extendable online publishing platform.
DESMA X 427.16
Learn to design interactive experiences and create a sense of place for cultural and commercial applications.
DESMA X 481.65
Learn how to design digital products with accessibility in mind, improving usability and inclusiveness. 
Create campaigns for theatrical key art movie posters, entertainment packaging, and other collateral materials built around the industry’s needs and opportunities.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.61
Learn to powerhouse web languages and toolsets to create immersive and impactful web-based environments in this intensive web coding boot camp.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
Gain a polished strategy for the steps needed to take to enter the design profession, with projects designed to challenge creativity and advance preparedness for the real world.
Delve into the role of the graphic designer as a vital member of the creative team responsible for a broadcast content provider's on-air look.
DESMA X 481.47
Discover how this vector-based drawing program integrates into the suite of design tools.
Format: Online
DESMA X 479.47AA
Develop advanced techniques and practical workflows in Adobe Illustrator.
Format: Online
DESMA X 481.99Z
Design and prepare projects for printing via a thorough introduction and practical applications for Adobe InDesign.
Format: Online
DESMA 731.25
An introduction to designing for accessibility and inclusion, including how differently abled users navigate mobile apps, and how designers can optimize their design process to ensure their work is usable by all. 
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.7F
Begin the transition from student to professional designer with an internship in a real world setting.
Format: Online | Independent Study/Internship
DESMA X 479.79H
Discover creative approaches to problem solving while developing your own visual language using photocopies, drawing, found art, photography, matte and gel mediums, and gesso.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 482.14
Work one-on-one with an instructor who guides your development of a meaningful project geared toward a portfolio piece, design competition, freelance assignment, or other advanced goal.
Format: Independent Study/Internship | Remote Instruction | Online
DESMA X 481.99QT
Learn how to integrate digital artwork into After Effects and put it in motion. Create stunning visual effects and exciting animated 3D typography.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.99QU
Become a Motion Graphics artist in this advanced course.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.99QV
Build on the skills learned in DESMA X 481.99QU Motion Graphics II to create work at the same level as content coming out of top studios.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.6C
Develop and execute materials, concepts, and graphics appropriate for effecting packaging, including logo design, type, and pictoral elements.
DESMA X 481.11
Learn and practice the creation, manipulation, and combination of digital images in this ubiquitous design tool.
Format: Online
DESMA X 481.43
Master sophisticated adjustment techniques necessary for constructing professional images with this ubiquitous design tool.
Format: Online
DESMA X 479.7P
Create your design portfolio—one that communicates your value and your values to prospective collaborators or employers.
Format: Online
DESMA X 479.4D
Investigate the techniques and best practices of magazine design, annual reports, and branded collateral. 
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.5B
Take on projects that require cross-disciplinary design approaches, working with people in fields that touch design, but are separate.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.8B
Learn the business side of design. Position yourself, target your interests & strengths, and prepare your portfolio & communications toward select design markets.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.7B
Gain the digital and hand skills necessary to move your design and portfolio to the necessary level to be noticed and to be exceptional.
DESMA X 479.9D
Explore style guides and the role they play in consumer products, then create an original style guide for a complete product line of your choice.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.3A
Each of us has the ability to ignite curiosity. Design and present a polished 12-minute TED-style talk that crystallizes and articulates your "big idea."
DESMA X 479.4A
This hands-on course covers the fundamentals of type, its characteristics, vocabulary, and nomenclature, as well as creative uses of type and how it is integrated in successful design.
Format: Online
DESMA X 479.4B
Expand your typographic skills by exploring increasingly complex typographic systems, and solving design problems that demand conceptual and experimental approaches to accommodate multiple layers of information.
Format: Online
Join us for a free information session about the Design Communication Arts, User Experience and Visual Arts Programs
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.7K
Jump in and create a 3-D game experience using the world class game engine Unity. Students will design fantastic other world realities.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
DESMA X 479.7L
An advanced exploration of scripting in Unity with C# to create games, apps, and experiences with depth and complexity.
Format: Online
DESMA X 481.99AF
This course introduces the latest tools, techniques and technologies used by leading agencies to develop world-class user experiences.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
DESMA X 479.8K
Students with knowledge of the fundamentals of UX move on to iteration: rounds of work and experimentation to hone problem solving skills.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
DESMA X 489.5F
Students who have completed User Experience I and II will apply what they have learned to real-world case studies in this course.
Format: Remote Instruction
This course serves as a thesis project in which students build out their own viable user experience project for review and portfolio.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 489.5G
Learn key concepts in user experience evaluation to better meet the needs of clients, colleagues and end-users. This course teaches research methodology and how to design, field and report on findings.
Format: Online
DESMA X 481.99FG
Learn the tools of the user experience trade, and how to create delightful, meaningful and easy-to-use digital experiences using essential UX softwares.
Format: Remote Instruction
DESMA X 481.99GG
User experience plays a pivotal role in the emerging technologies of AR, VR and MR (collectively called XR). This class explores pertinent UX design and research practices as applied to virtual and…
DESMA X 479.9K
This course introduces the concept of device-centric design, in response to new developments in laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and wearables.
DESMA X 480.9K
An introduction to visual fundamentals, presentation best practices, and how to make user experience-driven design choices.
Format: Online
Join us for a free series of live talks and presentations in the core academic areas of the Visual Arts. Each week we feature a distinguished instructor and dive into their area of expertise.
Learn how to articulate the value and tone of your brand through a message that moves your audience. 
Format: Remote Instruction
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