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Designed for pre-health science students, this course evaluates current research on prevention and treatment of addiction problems.
COM HLT X 457.4
This course evaluates the advanced approach to recognizing and evaluating athletic injuries.
Designed for fitness instructors, this course covers musculoskeletal anatomy and the application of basic biomechanical principles to the moving body.
Format: Online
This course is a perioperative nursing prerequisite course designed to clinically prepare APRNs (NPs, CNMs, CNS, and Nurse Anesthetists) to function in the surgical arena and to be admitted to the RN First Assistant program.
Using the mechanical laws of motion, this course analyzes human movement using a systematic approach.
COM HLT X 421.1
Based on the mechanical laws of applied physics, this course explores the analysis of movement of the human body.
COM HLT X 470.4
This course explores the fundamental impact of cross-cultural counseling of substance abuse and dependent individuals.
HLT POL X 407.8
This cumulative course requires students to integrate knowledge from previous courses to develop the critical skills necessary for patient advocates to create roadmaps for patient navigation and care planning.
Format: Online
COM HLT X 470.8
In preparation of being an addiction professional, this course focuses on terminology, knowledge, and issues of the mental health field and substance use disorders.
Format: Remote Instruction
HLT POL X 407.9
High-quality communication between health care providers, patients, and families has been shown to have a positive influence on patient health outcomes, including emotional health, function,…
COM HLT X 470.3
This course provides an understanding of the etiology of addiction and clinical implications to effectively understand chemically dependent behavior.
Designed for fitness instructors, this course provides an in-depth practical exposure to the interaction of various systems within the human body during exercise.
Format: Online
This course provides fundamentals and practice in formulating prescriptions along with designing safe and effective exercise programs for individual clients, all based on sound scientific practices.
Format: Remote Instruction
COM HLT X 404.7
Designed for fitness and sports enthusiasts, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the relation between dietary needs and optimal exercise performance and training.
Format: Remote Instruction
MED X 413.1
Students will be assigned to a clinical setting for meaningful practicum experience where they will be able to demonstrate and apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the UCLA Extension Core Curriculum under the direction of an instructor and preceptor as they perform clinical and administrative duties.
COM HLT X 470.10
This course presents an overview on assessing and implementing the basic counseling skills needed for treating substance use disorders in family systems.
Students get a practical understanding of fitness testing and screening in this course along with explaining results to clients.
This course provides students with the interrelationships between neuroscience, food, mood, and behavior so they will execute projects designed to strengthen their understanding of the same.
HLT POL X 407.1
This initial course in the Patient Advocacy Certificate provides you with an overview of the dynamic and complex U.S. health care system while helping you understand various consumer and provider perspectives.
Format: Online
COM HLT X 470.9
This course trains students in core concepts and applications of group counseling techniques and approaches used in substance use disorder treatment and recovery programs.
Format: Remote Instruction
HLT POL X 407.4
Learn laws and regulations involving patient rights and responsibilities. Taught by experts in health law, this course presents the fundamental legal structure that affects the provision of health care in the United States.
HLT POL X 452.1
This course covers health information technology implementation and management, ethical considerations and security, emerging and transformative technologies, and the technology fundamentals of electronic medical records.
PHYSCI X 400.6
This course provides an introduction to the structure, function, and integration of different cells and organ systems within the human body.
Format: Remote Instruction
MED X 411.1
This course is an introduction of human anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on structure and function of human cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Students also learn basics of nutrition.
MED X 412.1
This UCLA Medical Assistant program course is an introduction to pathophysiology with an emphasis on common pathology related to each body system.
COM HLT X 470.7
Introduction to the theories and vital skills needed when counseling individuals with substance use disorders. Skills include: motivational interviewing, screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT).
Attend this information session and new student orientation to learn more about the growing profession of substance use disorder counseling and meet instructors who teach in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate. Attendance is required to complete the application to the program.
Topics for the information session include an overview of the program curriculum and requirements.
COM HLT X 480.2
Learn current evidence-based recommendations for diet, sleep, and exercise in this course, ideal for health coaches.
HLT POL X 407.7
Designed for future patient advocates, this course provides an overview of ethical and moral questions that arise in the practice of patient advocacy as related to medical treatment and scientific research.
Format: Online
COM HLT X 470.5
This introductory course provides an overview of evidence-based counseling and case-management skills required for substance abuse counselors.
HLT POL X 407.5
This course outlines the fundamental concepts, knowledge, and skills needed to discuss financial aspects of health care such as private insurance, the uninsured, Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payer systems.
Format: Online
This survey course introduces health care accounting and finance to non-financial students. Students learn the financial structure of health care organizations and the environment within which they operate.
COM HLT X 480.1
Learn how to facilitate client engagement and activation by taking this course, which introduces the practice of health coaching.
This course provides background and practical knowledge of nutrition and its relation to health, disease, and exercise performance.
Format: Remote Instruction
Students are introduced to the framework, policies and practices of the public health in the United States.
COM HLT X 470.6
This course is designed to understand the legal and ethical implications related to counseling while students also clarify their own beliefs and values.
MED X 410.2
This UCLA Medical Assistant Program course introduces the legal, ethical, & professional implications for medical assistant practice.
This course evaluates different nutrition and lifestyle habits of places where people are living longer and healthier than the rest of the world.
Format: Online
MED X 410.3
This UCLA Medical Assistant Program course is the first in a 3-part series. It covers foundations for clinical practice including vital signs, patient intake, assessment, and documentation principles.
MED X 411.3
This course is Part 2 in a 3-part series that covers foundations for clinical practice for medical assistants. Student learn vital signs, patient intake and documentation principles, and principles of disease and infections.
MED X 412.3
This UCLA Medical Assistant Program course is the third in a 3-part series. It prepares students for a successful transition into their externships.
MED X 410.0
This orientation course prepares students to be academically successful in the UCLA Medical Assistant Program.
MED X 413.3
This course is designed to help students prepare for the state exam. In addition to a review of Medical Assistant duties and skills, students will practice test taking strategies and study techniques and will develop a time management routine for the exam.
MED X 410.1
This course is a comprehensive introduction to terminology used in the medical field. Emphasis is placed on defining medical terms and abbreviations, understanding basic human anatomy, and documenting medical terms.
MED X 410.4
This course is a comprehensive continuation to terminology used in the medical field. Emphasis is placed on defining medical terms and abbreviations, understanding basic human anatomy, and documenting medical terms.
This course examines the science supporting the practices and health benefits of mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.
COM HLT X 480.3
This introductory course on motivational interviewing covers its history, the skills needed, and the corresponding evidence-base for interviewing.
COM HLT X 470.1
The course provides historical, cultural, psychological, and neurological perspectives to get a basic understanding of alcohol and drug addiction symptoms and various treatment approaches.
MED X 411.2
This course offers a basic introduction to pharmacology including the classifications, precautions, contraindications, side effects, and administering of commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals.
MED X 411.4
This course offers a basic introduction to pharmacology including the classifications, precautions, contraindications, side effects, and administering of commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals.
MED X 412.2
This UCLA Medical Assistant program course teaches students to perform venipuncture. Students will identify the CLIA waived tests associated with common diseases.
COM HLT X 451.1
This course is designed for training personal fitness and/or group exercise leaders as they gain practical experience with exercise instruction to various populations.
COM HLT X 457.5
This course is designed for fitness coaches and athletic trainers to provide an introduction to athletic training and management.
Format: Remote Instruction
Learn the fundamentals of health care management (organizational structure, function, and performance) and leadership skills. Students learn effective group management by analyzing typical organizational scenarios.
MED X 412.4
This course teaches students to master specific soft skills needed to handle different types of work related stress in health professions.
This program provides students a thorough grounding in principles and learn the intricate skills necessary to assume responsibilities in scrubbing, draping, retracting, exposing, clamping, ligating, and suturing.
MED X 413.4
This specialized course will provide students with a more in-depth training of the proper techniques and principles for reprocessing medical instruments. Students will perform sterilization procedures and learn how to prepare items and utilize an autoclave.
This course explores the application of basic and advanced methods to prescribe productive exercise programs.
COM HLT X 470.12
Substance use disorder counselors experience high rates of burnout. Develop self-care skills related to mindfulness, healthy sleep habits, optimal nutrition, and regular exercise to optimize your work with clients.
Returning to school after many years and looking to build educational skills? This one-day seminar is designed to help you transition to college-level study by providing reading and specific study skills.
COM HLT X 470.11
Extending over two quarters, this mandatory supervised practicum is designed for students who complete all prerequisite courses in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certificate.
Using a systems approach, this course provides an understanding of the human body as an integration of biochemical, mechanical, and physical functions.
Format: Online
This course helps you understand the interrelationship between exercise, mood, eating behaviors, and neuroscience and explore your own mind-body connection.  
HLT POL X 407.2
This course outlines the foundational knowledge and skills needed for the emerging profession of patient advocacy along with the professional scope of practice, role delineation, and job functions.
Format: Online
MED 700
This UCLA Medical Assistant Program Application Information Session provides students with an overview of the UCLA Medical Assistant Program and the applications process.
Format: Online | Information Session
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