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GENINT 721.527
Osher (50+). This course provides a brief overview of the major highlights and styles that emerged in Britain from 1769 to the 20th century.
GENINT 741.358
Osher (50+). This course explores the substances people abuse, the path to addiction, familial and personal consequences, and the impact on society.
GENINT 741.302
Osher (50+). In this course, we explore the generation of artists following the Impressionists and their impact on the world of art.
GENINT 741.373
Osher (50+). This free, monthly discussion group focuses on the issues of aging. 
GENINT 731.274
Osher (50+). In this course we explore bone composition and disorders, as well as the long life of bones as historical markers. 
GENINT 731.284
Osher (50+). This course explores the development and introduction of photography and its impact on the history of art.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.562

Osher (50+). In this course, we examine clothing—such as the mini skirt, the pantsuit, or even waistline—to delve into issues as wide ranging as to art, politics, culture, history, economics, and gender.

GENINT 731.317
Osher (50+). This course explores the diverse forms of post-war art.
GENINT 721.472
Osher (50+). This course explores the artists and their works during the Renaissance in Europe.
GENINT 741.355
Osher (50+).  An exploration of the early periods of art history—from the dawn of the great civilizations in the Near East through the Middle Ages in Europe. 
GENINT 731.312
Osher (50+). This one-day documentary course screens the film, Crazywise, which explores the meaning of psychosis from the perspective of traditional cultures.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.5434

Osher (50+). This one-day documentary course screens the film, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, which looks at the Republicans’ influence on the 2016 election by examining potential voter fraud.

GENINT 731.132
Osher (50+). This course examines three types of mental illnesses: mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and anxiety; as well as issues of dementia, including Alzheimers. Instruction emphasizes current treatments.
GENINT 721.228
Osher (50+). This course examines four types of mental illnesses: eating disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, suicide including a review of suicide attempters, completers, prediction, and an assessment of suicidal lethality.
GENINT 731.319
Osher (50+). Learn to bid and play in a foursome in which you and your partner attempt to out-think and outmaneuver your opponents.
GENINT 741.359
Osher (50+). A slow and gentle yoga course intended for beginners.
GENINT 711.335
Osher (50)+.  This course presents an exciting collection of short stories from a variety of 20th century American authors.  All stories are read critically as well as appreciated in class discussions.
Osher (50+). This current events lecture series features a different speaker each week.  Guest speakers are experts in their field who provide a one-hour lecture followed by a thirty-minute Q&A.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.371
Osher (50+). An introduction to the culture, science, and taste of chocolate. 
GENINT 741.316

Osher (50+). This course discusses what climate change and global warming are, how we know the globe is warming, how we know we are causing it, and that we are already beginning to see strong effects of climate change.

GENINT 721.558
Osher (50+). This course reviews documentaries surrounding climate and energy and how this creates an effective communication path between the scientific community and the public.
GENINT 731.314
Osher (50+). This course serves as an introduction to the colonial period in American History as it examines the social, cultural, economic, and political changes that occurred in North America before 1750.
GENINT 741.361
Osher (50+). In Part 9 of Coming to Terms with The Holocaust, we look at the concentration camps referred to as Konzentrationslager, which inmates referred to as KZ.
GENINT 721.556

Osher (50+). This course explores a wide variety of conservation challenges, with an emphasis on human-environment interactions and their implications for biodiversity, ecosystems, and individual species.

GENINT 721.491
Osher (50+). This course reviews what we already know about the universe, theories about the origin of the universe, and the latest cosmic discoveries and space news.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 711.229
Osher (50+). This discussion course offers an overview of the national and international news of the week. Diversity of views of class members are encouraged.
GENINT 731.271
Osher (50+). The course lets students discover line/space/shape through drawing and mixed media experimentation. The course also includes four field trips.
GENINT 731.321
Osher (50+). This drawing course is a continuation of Drawing is a Feeling. 
GENINT 731.302
Osher (50+). In this course, we learn about the discoveries and inventions of some of the greatest scientists throughout history.
Format: Classroom
GENDER 731.183
This course explores the experiences and consciences of Nazi perpetrators, bystanders, and Jews condemned to the ghettos and concentration camps.
GENINT 741.366
Osher (50+). This course introduces the context of the alt-right on the Internet.
GENINT 741.401
Osher (50+). A fun discussion about the myths of happiness.
GENINT 741.351
Osher (50+). This course looks at the works of four people of color, each a Nobel Prize winner.
GENINT 721.543

Osher (50+). This course reviews stories by Balzac and Zola and the genre of realism. These authors wrote critically about social classes and every corner of society.

GENINT 731.295
Osher (50+). In this course, we view early black films to gain insight on U.S. race relations from an African-American perspective.
GENINT 741.303
Osher (50+). This yoga course is for beginners or those with experience and is led by an instructor of Hatha yoga. Mats are required unless you elect to use a chair instead of a mat.
GENINT 741.357
Osher (50+). In this course, we read and analyze short stories from Oxford Book of English Short Stories.
GENINT 771.336
Osher (50+). In this course, we view some of the greatest Italian films and analyze how they use the verbal, visual, and visceral art form.
GENINT 721.541

Osher (50+). This course screens five great romance movies of the 1930s and 1940s. Movies feature stars such as Clark Gable, Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, and Ingrid Bergman. Each film is viewed and discussed for romantic style.

GENINT 721.561

Osher (50+). In this course, we study the plays of great American playwrights including Williams, Miller, and Albee.

GENINT 731.309
Osher (50+). In this course we continue to study the plays of great American playwrights, including Williams, Miller, and Albee.
GENINT 721.560

Osher (50+). In this cinema course, we view six diverse films that are little-known to the American film-going public, but deserve to be seen. Some were widely praised but never shared in theatres, and films span multiple decades.

GENINT 741.268
Osher (50+).This advanced Spanish course offers students a chance to improve their oral Spanish skills through critical reading of Latin American literature and discussion.
GENINT 741.363
Osher (50+).  This course reviews the latest anthology from Short Story Day Africa, ID: New Short Fiction from Africa, an anthology centered around identity and exploring African identity, in all its facets. 
GENINT 711.250
Osher (50+). This is an intermediate chess class designed for those who already know the basics (rules, moves etc.). We expand on more elaborate techniques such as opening, middle-game, and end-game.
GENINT 731.200
Osher (50+). This course offers students with an intermediate command of the French language the chance to practice their skills in a fun way by one-on-one or small group interaction.
GENINT 741.360
Osher (50+). A Hatha flow course intended for intermediate yoga practitioners. 
GENINT 741.372
Osher (50+). This course examines the international regime of human rights: its evolution, universality and the issues of contention
GENINT 731.292
Osher (50+). In this course, we explore European art produced during the 15th and 16th centuries under the combined influences of an increased awareness of nature, a revival of classical learning, and a more individualistic view of man. 
GENINT 721.479
Osher (50+). In this course, we study the basic tenets of Islam, based on established academic principles. 
GENINT 731.318
Osher (50+). This course looks at the basis of women’s rights in Islam, specifically in Iran from before the revolution in 1979 to the present.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 731.293
Osher (50+).This course focuses on doctrines, rituals, practices and personalities of Japanese Buddhism from the medieval period to the present.
GENINT 731.298
Osher (50+). In this course, we explore the post World War II sound of cool jazz, and its relationship with other mid-century modern movements in the fields of art, architecture, design, literature, film, and popular music. 
Format: Classroom
GENINT 742.253
Osher (50+). This course is an introduction to the first 100 years of jazz.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.544

Osher (50+). This course focuses on techniques we can use to motivate ourselves to move more, in order to increase our good health. Besides a lecture, we take a walk to show you techniques for moving from a stroll to a beneficial workout.

GENINT 741.369
Osher (50+). This exercise workshop focuses on walking.  
GENINT 731.320
Osher (50+).  In this course, we explore, learn and discuss Jung’s concepts of the collective unconscious and experience the process of working through dream material.
GENINT 771.334
Osher (50+). In the process of sharing and working through our dream material, we discuss Jung's ideas on dreams, their source and function, the structure of the psyche and how it is expressed in dreams.
GENINT 721.554

Osher (50+). This course introduces new revolutionary tools and techniques that simplify cooking techniques in the home kitchen. You'll learn the chemistry and physics behind them, and how they can open up whole new worlds of cooking never before imagined.

GENINT 741.262
Osher (50+). The Holmby Park Lawn Bowling Club and OLLI have teamed up to host an introductory course in Lawn Bowling, a low impact sport endorsed by the American Heart Association.
GENINT 741.356
Osher (50+). Watch and discuss six classic movies that deal with life and death.
GENINT 711.326
Osher (50+). This course introduces the beginner to the basic rules and simple strategies of Mah-Jongg, an game of both skill and luck that originate in China many centuries ago. 
GENINT 771.335
Osher (50+). This course helps you improve your well-being with breath awareness, visualization, and gentle movement (in a chair and/or in a standing position) to cultivate an open mind, a loving heart, and lightness of being.
GENINT 721.548

Osher (50+). This course reviews the latest anthology from Short Story Day Africa, Migrations: New Short Fiction from Africa (2017). The anthology’s 21 short pieces use creative and evocative approaches to explore the topic of migrations from the past and present.

GENINT 731.237
Osher (50+). This course surveys the works of Mozart in the context of his life and times.
GENINT 731.300
Osher (50+). This course focuses on French music of the 19th century.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 731.297
Osher (50+). In this course, we read and evaluate myths and fairy tales from the ancient and modern world.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 731. 311
Osher (50+). In this course, we examine the ways myth, legend, and folklore have developed in Los Angeles.
GENINT 731.294
Osher (50+). This course examines the influence of classicism on U.S. culture and government from 1750 to the 20th century.
GENINT 721.497
Osher (50+). This course offers a broad survey of important food events and personalities throughout history.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.260
Osher (50+). Join us for our OLLI Holiday Lunch.
GENINT 721.555

Osher (50+). In this course, we read several selections from The Paris Review American literally journal, discuss their rationales, and share our own opinions about what constitutes a successful short story.

ASTR 711.101
Osher (50+). This course looks at many fascinating facts about our universe--its size, its age, what it contains, and of what it is made.
GENINT 731.146
Osher (50+). The course explore the internationally diverse artists in Paris from the end of World War I to the advent of World War II.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.353
Osher (50+). Learn what it takes to be a Peace Corp Volunteer.
GENINT 731.308
Osher (50+). This discussion group examines two poetry collections, The Best of Poetry: Thoughts That Breathe and Words That Burn and The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness and Joy.
GENINT 731.316
Osher (50+). In this course, we study and write poetry that elicit sense experiences.
GENINT 741.290
Osher (50+). In this course, students learn the rules of Poker (and No-Limit Texas Holdem in particular). Each week students have time to practice strategies they will learn such as opening charts, betsizing, hand reading, odds, etc.
GENINT 731.313
Osher (50+). This course is free for Osher members and is ideal for those who love acting, theater, language, and Shakespeare. Each week, we read aloud and discuss one act from the play, then work on selected scenes and speeches from an actor's perspective.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.354
Osher (50+). This course allows students an opportunity to read aloud and discuss one act from Macbeth.
GENINT 721.801
Osher (50+). This course offers a chance to practice Spanish conversation for those with basic Spanish knowledge.
GENINT 741.250
Osher (50+). This course offers a chance to practice Spanish conversation for those with moderate Spanish knowledge.
GENINT 742.249

Osher (50+). This film course constitutes first viewing a film and then addressing the existential dilemma put before us in the work—the flesh and blood human situation in which the characters find themselves. 

GENINT 771.339
Osher (50+). This course addresses questions about the various religions in India through lectures, audiovisuals, lively class discussions, and even a taste of India.
GENINT 721.557

Osher (50+). This course presents up-to-date options for responding to an active shooter incident. 

GENINT 711.329
Osher (50+). This course introduces you to the best ways to obtain consistently sharp, well exposed photos on your smart phone.
GENINT 731.263
Osher (50+). In this course, we watch six films that reveal specific social and moral issues.
GENINT 711.207
Osher (50+). This course introduces students to the essential conversational Spanish needed to communicate in everyday life. 
GENINT 731.210
Osher (50+). This course is a continuation of Spanish I. Part II is an immersion-style course. After a first session in English, instruction is conducted in Spanish, to help build on intermediate Spanish skills.
GENINT 731.140
Osher (50+). This course is a continuation of Spanish II. Part III is also an immersion-style course. After a first session in English, instruction is conducted in Spanish, to help build on intermediate Spanish skills.
GENINT 741.365
Osher (50+). This course is a continuation of Spanish III. Part IV is also an immersion-style course. After a first session in English, instruction is conducted in Spanish, to help build on intermediate Spanish skills.
GENINT 741.600
Osher (50+). In this course, we explore how the slow, low-impact movements of tai chi help us improve our balance, reduce stress, and enjoy more energy.
GENINT 731.268
Osher (50+). This course introduces students to the background, context, discovery, invention, and history of 6 of the most important human food commodities on the planet.
GENINT 731.236
Osher (50+). In this course, we look at how impressionists rebelled against the standards of the day to emerge as some of the most influential and beloved artists of all time. We explore their style and inspirations as well as look into their intertwined lives.
GENINT 714.326

Osher (50+). This course rediscovers the artists from the Big Band Era (roughly the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s) as well as their arrangers, who created the illusion of improvisation with their carefully prepared pieces of chord voicings, approaches to scale patterns, and the like.

GENINT 731.307
Osher (50+). This course looks at the pioneers, the innovators, and the roots of rock 'n' roll.
GENINT 731.310
Osher (50+). This lecture addresses the question of how to assist the homeless and chronic mentally ill who refuse placement.
GENINT 721.552

Osher (50+). This course introduces the context of Euroscepticism, ethno-nationalism in Czech politics, and the Czech far-right’s strategies in dealing with international affairs like the refugee crisis.

GENINT 741.367

Osher (50+). This course focuses on the rise of far-right populism in the Czech Republic and the USA.

GENINT 711.254
Osher (50+). This course follows the evolution of jazz from the turn of the last century into the 21st century.
GENINT 721.553

Osher (50+). In this course, we meet the men and women whose contributions and dedication provided the foundation for major scientific discoveries, from Copernicus and Galileo, to the scientists of today.

GENINT 731.296
Osher (50+).  In this film course, we watch seductive women turn men into fools and coax them into fatal folly.
GENINT 741.370
Osher (50+). This course introduces the accomplishments and possibilities in the renewable energy field.
GENINT 721.551

Osher (50+). This course takes a look at great American music from the early-mid 20th century. Both songwriters and performing artists who have influenced American music are reviewed and discussed.

GENINT 741.364
Osher (50+). This course traces the evolution of food from the turn of the 20th century in early California to the present.
GENINT 731.305
Osher (50+). This course traces the evolution of food in early California.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 711.294
Osher (50+). This course gives an overview of the various avant-garde artistic movements and those who created them following Impressionism including Fauvism, Cubism, Orphism, Expressionism, and Futurism.
GENINT 721.546

Osher (50+). This course explores significant films – fiction and documentary alike – made by Israelis and Palestinians since 2000. These films focus on issues central to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and explore a variety of different perspectives.

GENINT 741.272
Osher (50+). This course explores Bach's life and works within the cultural and historical context of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
GENINT 721.538
Osher (50+). This course examines how Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, Rap and many more American music genres evolved in the USA. Audio, video, commentary, demonstration and personal recollection are presented.
GENINT 731.265
Osher (50+). A study of the Etruscan civilization which flourished in central Italy between the 8th and 3rd century BCE.
GENINT 721.499

Osher (50+). This course provides a discussion of what's on the ballot with particular emphasis on the California gubernatorial election, the U.S. House and Senate races, the California ballot propositions, and the impact of the Trump presidency on elections.

GENINT 741.352
Osher (50+). An analysis of The Odyssey, using the new translation by Emily Wilson.
GENINT 731.315

Osher (50+). In this course, we explore Verdi’s career and study five select operas to understand why his work is important.

Format: Classroom
Osher (50+).  This course introduces you to the elements of plays and will show you how they these artistic creations can inform and even transform lives.  Scenes are performed by professional actors.
GENINT 711.333
Osher (50+). This course discusses poetry of resistance and how poets are among the first citizens to be arrested by dictators who seize power, because their poetry speaks truth to power.
GENINT 731.303
Osher (50+). In this course, we taste and learn about chocolate.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.534
Osher (50+). An advanced exploration of the origins of cacao and chocolate, and its chemical (and other ingredient) content in 70% and above artisan chocolate.
GENINT 771.338
Osher (50+). In this course, students create a story and then share it during the last class.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 731.299
Osher (50+). Learn the art and psychology of interrogation from an experienced LAPD detective.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 721.542

Osher (50+). This course presents an exciting collection of both early and modern short stories from a variety of American authors. All stories are read critically as well as appreciated in class discussions.

Osher (50+). This course introduces and examines contemporary art through guided field trips and group discussions.
Format: Classroom
GENINT 741.204

Osher (50+). This course explores Mozart’s final decade, when he wrote four operas for his own personal delight.

GENINT 721.249
Osher (50+). This course explores the world of musical satire through different genres, cultures and eras, especially America since 1950.
GERMAN 721.500
Is Los Angeles the land of opportunity, cultural kaleidoscope, or something else all together? You decide as we read stories about the City of Angeles, beginning with histories by Helen Hunt Jackson…
GENINT 731.131
Osher (50+). This writing course draws on your personal experiences and group discussions to inspire spontaneous and easy writing.
GENINT 741.368
Osher (50+). In this course, we write our personal stories within a political and societal perspective.
GENINT 721.559

Osher (50+). This course uses the board game Bingo to introduce Yiddish expressions.

GENINT 721.550
Osher (50+). This course teaches you how to use your iPhone to create artistic photos. Composition, color, lighting, and editing are taught. This is an interactive class; each week you are given an assignment which is critiqued the following week.
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