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MGMT 895.16
This one-day conference provides a unique, non-competitive forum for restaurant owners and executives. Programming includes the insights of industry experts, with opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired.
MGMT 878
Explore the U.S. craft beer revolution, which has influenced beer-making worldwide. This is a survey course for those new to beer, and topics include tasting and judging beer, brewing science, and the business of beer.
MGMT X 466.05
For those who understand the basics of digital and social media marketing, this advanced course will focus on using digital and social media to get business results and improve the business bottom-line.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 482.203
This advanced course is intended for HR professionals who strive to make a more powerful impact at the strategic level internally, or as external consultants.
Format: Online
Intended for experienced writers, this course is designed to enhance writing skills and careers. This course can also help marketing executives assess and direct promotional writing.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 163
Hone your skills in advertising in this survey course and develop a broad base of knowledge that will help you navigate the complexities of the current advertising world.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 463.01
For the digital marketer, learn to create effective digital advertising campaigns across the ever-changing digital media landscape.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 446.2
Build and refine your knowledge of core Agile methodologies including XP and Lean SD. Develop skills for improving projects and processes you can apply immediately within your organization.
Format: Online
MGMT X 446.1
Learn the principles and practices of popular SCRUM and Kanban. Build the skills necessary to be a member of a high performing, continuously improving and self-organizing scrum team.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
This course presents an intermediate level of wine information, highlighting key wine topics, including tasting, labels, grape varieties, and winemaking.
CHEM 805
This course is designed for students to understand the process of brewing beer from raw materials into the package and out to the customer.
MGMT X 450.32
Benefits are a crucial factor of total employee compensation. This course will provide comprehensive knowledge of building and administering an effective benefits program.
Format: Online
MGMT X 469.21
This course focuses on helping communications professionals develop a social media playbook filled with strategies and tactics that achieve core business goals.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 497.41
This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the Blockchain space by providing an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities of Blockchain technology.
MGMT X 457.2
This course covers the business applications of blockchain technology in the supply chain space through the use of case studies, globally.  It provides an in-depth understanding of the value of blockchain within the larger context of digital transformation, traditional technologies and as complement to other emerging technologies.
Format: Online
MGMT X 457.3
This course prepares students for successful and well-thought out blockchain adoption and implementation. Its practical-oriented approach introduces key considerations and components to address, including legal and regulatory, data integrity and protection, interoperability, risk factors and other.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.41
Building, maintaining, and managing a company's brand is a critical function of marketing. Learn the tools you need to successfully build and manage a brand.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT 760.12
Explore the challenges and obstacles in the creative process faced while working within the framework of an organization, and learn techniques to develop, generate, and communicate ideas effectively.
MGMT X 430.711
This core class provides a basic understanding of functions and impact of the business analyst role, focusing on functions related to the development of enterprise-wide solutions.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.712
This course focuses on how to determine the activities required in order to “zero-in” or define business/organizational issue(s), create an initial work plan, and demonstrate how actions will be carried out.
Format: Online
MGMT X 109
In the business world, writing clear, concise, and comprehensible copy is critical to success. For those with limited business experience, this course provides the opportunity to improve communication in a business setting.
Format: Online
MGMT 891.02
This course explores the theoretical foundations and applications of business ethics.The coursework, tools, and discussions in business ethics provide a solid ethical foundation integral to all business careers.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.811
This course teaches essential organizational elements for executive assistance, including company structures, marketing, forecasting/budgeting processes, and customer relationship management.
MGMT X 408.805
In this capstone course, students build at least one module of a preparedness plan each week utilizing lessons learned in the previous five courses. Employed students may utilize their employer as the subject case.
This course examines in detail the various sparkling wines of the world, starting with the most famous region, Champagne, and also includes sparkling wines from Europe, the U.S., Australia and South Africa.
MGMT 859.8
Intended for those in managerial or supervisory roles, this workshop introduces the basic elements of coaching and mentoring to help boost performance, harness competitive energy, or defuse problems.
Format: Hybrid
From thoughts and feelings, to skills needed for active listening and straight talking, learn about the total communication process and become a more effective communicator.
MGMT 760.20
In this course, we will learn to differentiate conflict positions vs. interests and the questions to ask in order to move from positions to interests in conflict resolution.
MGMT 781
Compassion is not a weakness, it is a strategic strength. If you want your team members to bring you their best efforts, their loyalty, and work together as high performers, especially during crisis times, compassionate leadership is the cure.
MGMT X 450.31
Creating a compelling compensation package is crucial to attracting the right talent to achieve organizational goals. Gain a comprehensive overview of how to design and deliver effective compensation programs in this course.
Format: Online
MGMT X 493.11
The 21st century has ushered in a new wave of management development and leadership practices. This course presents new leadership models needed to collaborate, coordinate, and work within current global contexts.
MGMT X 466
Understanding your audience is critical to effective marketing. This comprehensive course introduces marketing professionals to research methods used to gather and analyze data to make marketing and advertising decisions.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT 859.5
In this seminar, learn the keys to successfully building and managing effective teams that consistently perform well.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 859.16
In this seminar, learn about the attributes of quality leadership, and gain the skills and confidence needed to practice the art of leadership.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 497.59
Designed for individuals or partners who are starting a new business, this course teaches the realities of starting and managing a new business, from idea to operation
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 493.14
Crisis on any scale is an inevitability in the world today. As a leader, learn how to prepare for crisis and build the skills you need to resolve and mitigate crisis situations impacting your organization or community.  
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 469.15
Crisis management is a key skill for public relations professionals. This course will teach you the skills you need to prepare for and manage through any crisis situation.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 490.8
With business becoming more global, the ability to work across cultural boundaries is vital. This course provides students with the skills needed to navigate today's diverse business community.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 460.86
Intended for students who have taken one or more courses in personal selling, this course equips students with the best practices for managing customer relationships that result in continued returns.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.55
Knowing your audience is key for any sales professionals. For those interested in sales careers, learn how to leverage data and research to improve prospects and sales for business in this course.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 408.812
This course focuses on the cyber security management factors required to protect people, information, infrastructure, and other assets as our lives and our critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly digitally dependent.
Format: Online
MGMT X 430.716
This course provides a thorough working knowledge of business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel 2013, with the ultimate objective of transforming data and modeling assumptions into actionable key metrics.
MGMT 802.1
This practical, skills-building seminar provides participants with the skills needed to deal constructively with people when their behavior is unpleasant and difficult.
Format: Remote Instruction
SPEECH 806.4
This hands-on workshop helps participants become comfortable, confident, and masterful presenters. The principles presented apply to business settings as well as other activities.
MGMT X 408.810
This course introduces the concepts and skills to effectively design and implement an enterprise risk management program that is tailored to an organization's culture, governance structure, and current management processes.
MGMT X 497.610
The foundation of a successful business is a solid business plan. This comprehensive course dives into the details of developing a plan, and students emerge with a first draft of a sound business plan.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 880.010
This course provide students with the knowledge and resources required to perform all the necessary steps in developing a comprehensive emergency management program (EMP) for institutions of all sizes.
MGMT X 463.6
Take a deep dive into the development of an advertising campaign in this course. From planning and implementation to measuring outcomes and evaluation, learn to run a campaign from start to finish.
MGMT X 470.10
Gain a foundational understanding of digital analytics, and how to utilize tools to create, collect, and analyze data to shape marketing strategies, tactics, and decisions.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 469.26
Communications professionals today need to be able to reach audiences via various digital media. This course overviews the strategies needed to build effective digital communications for business.
MGMT 838.2
Discover the cutting edge tools, companies, and technologies shaping today's great content.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 838.1
Gain new insights to inform content creation across social media, SVOD, and AR/VR.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 838.3
Explore new models of marketing, distribution and monetizing digital content.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 460.394
Gain an overview of the digital marketing landscape in this survey course, and become ready to apply the fundamentals of marketing in this digital age.
Format: Hybrid | Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 457.4
Data is the new oil! Recognized by many as the world’s most valuable resource, this course explores the role and value of blockchain technology, with other emerging technologies, to unlock the potential of trusted data. Anchored in blockchain, the course introduces how the potential of Industry 4.0 & 4IR technologies (such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence) can accelerate access to data to help address critical global issues.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.989
This course provides students with the background for doing business in China. Cases and readings are used to develop a framework for analyzing market entry strategies and evaluating business opportunities.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 460.952
This course provides an insight into the world's largest consumer market, including how it is significantly different and more challenging than any other marketplace.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 760.10
Effective leadership and communication skills and are perhaps the greatest determinants of professional success. Individuals must demonstrate leadership effectiveness, but first, they must determine…
MGMT X 450
This course introduces the foundations of human resources management and provides an overview of all the functions needed to be a generalist practitioner.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT X 408.801
This course provides an understanding of the key elements of emergency preparedness, elements of effectively managing any major crisis, and how to develop an emergency preparedness strategy.
MGMT 760.16
Challenging times add to the struggle of leadership. This engaging interactive session will show you how to activate the power of empathy to save time and energy and gain a business advantage.
MGMT X 450.34
HR is heavily governed by laws and regulations. Learn how to navigate the complexities of employee/labor relations, and the laws and regulations that affect HR in the U.S. and California.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.813
This course advances your knowledge of the tools and techniques of business strategy, strategic risk management, risk assessment, risk transfer and insurance, and market, credit, and supply chain risk management.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.811
In this course students are introduced to the basic and advanced tools and techniques of risk and decision analysis, risk management, and insurance, which they will apply to select cases.
MGMT X 469.29
This course explores strategies for creating and executing publicity campaigns for entertainment products.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 497.52
Starting a new business venture requires an understanding of the business landscape. This survey course explores the essentials factors for turning an idea into a successful business.
Format: Online
MGMT X 497.615
Designed for business owners and decision-makers, this course dives into business models and strategies that equip companies to thrive and reach the next level of success.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT 859.50
HR professionals function as a key source of ethical awareness for managers and employees. This course reviews the role of HR professionals in advising others, but also ethical issues faced by HR professionals.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460
Honest and responsible marketing requires high ethical standards. Examine how you can practice ethical marketing in this course.
Format: Online
MGMT 867.011
The first course in the two-part event management specialization covers event essentials, from idea generation to successful execution. Students will begin their capstone project, which will be evaluated in the second course.
Format: Online
MGMT 867.012
The second of two courses in the event management essentials series provides advanced knowledge and skills needed to enable you to organize a successful event, and includes a capstone project applicable to an actual event.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.91
This course provides working knowledge of export documentation and procedures, including banking, insurance, and traffic. This course covers the export transaction from inception to receipt of payment.
MGMT 795.16A
Join our panel of restaurant executives and industry experts as they discuss one of the hottest topics affecting the restaurant industry today.
MGMT X 450.03
HR is an important business function of any organization. Delve into the financial aspects of human resources and gain the financial insight and skill needed to efficiently operate as a business partner.
Format: Online
MGMT X 497.611
For owners and key employees of small to mid-size companies, this course covers all aspects of financial management and provides tools need to grow your business.
Format: Hybrid
Employing a workshop style approach, this course focuses on clear writing techniques, emphasizing business applications.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 408.809
This course introduces the basic principles and concepts of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Gain an understanding of how ERM integrates into an organization's governance structure and processes.
This free online information session is available for the entire quarter to review at your own pace. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project management program and courses.
Format: Information Session
MGMT X 497.613
The building blocks of a successful business require a strong operational foundation. Learn about how to build a sound structure and efficient systems to effectively manage your business.
Format: Online
MGMT X 463.13
Being a media seller today requires an evolved orientation to selling. This course resets the sales process to identify an advertiser's goals and objectives, and provide media and communications solutions.
MGMT X 408.802
This course helps emergency managers communicate to senior managers the elements, tasks, and roles that comprise organizational preparedness for disasters, both inside the company and external to the company.
MGMT X 460.903
This course provides the fundamentals for starting an international trading business. Topics include key trade organizations, marketing and sales channels, U.S. Customs rules, freight, financing, and insurance considerations.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 444.1
You run projects on a daily basis. However, what you may not be doing is running them efficiently and effectively. This course will train you on the foundational framework which all projects follow, along with the essential knowledge, tools, and techniques to achieve successful project results.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 469.11
Learn the history, theories, and principles of public relations in this introductory course, and gain a comprehensive foundation to start the journey down the public relations path.
Format: Hybrid | Online
The third segment in UCLA Extension’s Fundraising Specialization, this course examines strategies for specific fundraising and donors.
The final module in UCLA Extension’s Fundraising Specialization, this course covers of the art of the ask and what comes after.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.961
This course is taught in a highly interactive, simulation-based format and provides students the knowledge and skills to effectively plan, work, and negotiate in the global marketplace.
Format: Hybrid | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 460.483
In an increasingly global economy, businesses need to employ marketing strategies that can advantageously position them in a competitive world market. Learn the strategies to becoming a player on the global stage.
MGMT X 460.912
This course covers the various facets of international transportation of goods, including costing, foreign government regulations, U.S. maritime law and policy, and a comprehensive view of logistics in overseas marketing.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 493.13
New companies today need to be agile and flexible. This course provides a roadmap for developing, nurturing, and achieving success through leading hot groups, and working around traditional hierarchical structures.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 450.36
Effective management of human capital is critical to the success of any company. Learn the strategies to become an HR leader who can build, grow, and develop the human capital of your organization.
Format: Online
MGMT X 482.201
Designed for more experienced HR professionals, this course examines the training and development function of human resources to help improve the effectiveness of staff and positively impact the organization.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.803
This course provides training and education to effectively deal with the success or failure of every preparedness plan: the human execution of best practices in a highly stressed environment.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.913
This course covers key concepts for import operations personnel including owners, managers, and brokerage/freight forwarding staff. Topics include warehousing, the customs concept of value, compliance, and record-keeping.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 460.381
Incorporating influencers into a marketing campaign is more than merely asking social media stars to endorse a product. This course overviews the strategies and plans to successful employ influencer marketing.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 460.52
Marketing today requires the skills to use various communication channels and mediums. Take your marketing skills up a notch with this course and learn to create strategies that integrate your marketing across all channels.
Format: Online | Hybrid | Remote Instruction
ENGL X 401.6
Intended for individuals who write, edit, prepare final copy or are interested in the structure and use of the English language, this workshop reviews the basic rules that apply to virtually every piece of writing.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.99
This course provides an operational assessment of the key issues involved in the management of international and multinational corporations. Case studies illuminate all levels and functions of international organizations.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 460.95
This course provides a systematic approach for evaluating and implementing the strategies and policies that govern a firm's international business activities.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 450.65
As business becomes more global, HR practitioners must be able to navigate across international boundaries to ensure that the organization is compliant and utilizing the best HR strategies for success.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 408.806
This course, an alternative to the Capstone "Building the Preparedness Plan" course, practical experience and application of the knowledge and skills learned in the previous courses.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 450.50
This internship provides eligible students the opportunity for applied practice of the knowledge gained from materials previously studied in a real-world context.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 460.951
This course provides eligible students an opportunity to earn elective credit toward the certificate program with an internship position that the student has secured and which Extension has approved.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 460.484
This internship provides eligible students the opportunity for applied practice of the knowledge gained from materials previously studied in a real-world context.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 469.28
This internship provides eligible students the opportunity for applied practice of the knowledge gained from materials previously studied in a real-world context.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT 861.4
This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the Blockchain space by providing an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities of Blockchain technology.
This survey course introduces the fundraising profession and gives an overview of fundraising strategies and techniques. Includes career paths within the field and the specific skills required to be an effective fundraiser.
MGMT X 460.902
This course provides students with a basic understanding of international business, presenting views from both the home and host country perspectives through examination of various international business topics.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 460.94
This course examines international business law through discussion of actual case studies and legal scenarios. Topics include arbitration, regulation of international trade and the legal dimensions of trade organizations.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 493.12
This collaborative course examines what constitutes "effective" leadership across cultures, and prepares students for business assignments outside of their home countries.
MGMT X 490.996
Designed for those in leadership roles, this course will focus on interpersonal behaviors and communication skills with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT X 483
This course focuses on concepts relevant to community-based health care organizations, including institutional finance, leadership, and management.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 443.4
This course covers project communication, motivation, conflict resolution, negotiation, stress management, and effective leadership in the project management context.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT 859.4
Designed for those in a supervisory role, this seminar focuses on leadership as a means to effect change and accomplish desired results.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 497.614
For small business owners, it is vital to understand the legal landscape and have negotiating skills. This course will overview the key legal regulations, and build your skills in the art of negotiation.
MGMT 760.08
In this session, learn the power of making the right decisions at the right time as a leader. During crisis, every aspect of an organization is stressed: people, cash flow, customers, stakeholders,…
MGMT X 190
Develop your management skills with this introductory course on the theory and applications of managerial functions.
Format: Hybrid | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 491.11
In today's business environment, change is constant. Learn how to prepare for and navigate through change in order to emerge successfully.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 893
This highly interactive workshop provides participants with practice in the basics of using key techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace.
MGMT X 443.5
This course is designed to increase your knowledge on effective approaches for contracting work outside your organization and the relationship between buyers and sellers for products or services.
Format: Online
MGMT 863.50
This one-hour webinar will provide remote managers with the essential strategies required to lead successfully by building communication norms and strengthening trust amongst team members separated by distance.
MGMT 863.51
This one-hour webinar will provide you with the strategies and skills to create high-trust team relationships and provide feedback that has a positive impact.
MGMT 720
During times of crisis, businesses need to be prepared to properly message and communicate to their audiences. This two-part series will be a conversation on how to authentically and ethically continue your business marketing efforts during a time of crisis. 
MGMT 865.10
A series of “chats” that centers on career focused topics in an effort to help our students connect with industry professionals and learn about job opportunities that exist within the entertainment industry.
MGMT X 160
Build a strong foundation of knowledge with this introductory course to marketing.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT 760.23
For anyone trying to build a business on the side, this webinar will give you an overview of how to market yourself or your product to have a successful side hustle!
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 497.612
For entrepreneurs or small business owners, gain the skills needed to successfully market your business, and improve your bottom line.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 471.10
Learn how to create and manage a Google Adwords account in this course, and start improving your Adwords marketing campaigns.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 430.813
This course begins presumes basic working knowledge of Office tools and work products, and focuses on learning advanced communications, analytical, presentation, and planning support tools required by senior managers.
MGMT X 460.494
Develop and perfect your business pitch in this course so that you are ready to sell your product/service to your next client, or to pitch your new business idea to potential investors.
MGMT 760.13
Learn to build relationships that lead to new projects with current clients, create satisfying, inclusive communication on current projects, and generate brand new work from prospects.
MGMT X 456
This course introduces methodologies that foster cultural change and enable employees to participate in transforming companies to more sustainable organizations.
MGMT X 482.202
Organizations today are highly diverse workplaces. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to successfully lead and communicate in your organization.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT X 430.812
This course is a blend of best practices and interpersonal skill development found in senior assistant positions, preparing students for the vast array of executive representation/follow-up activities they may encounter.
MGMT 863.66
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (8am and…
MGMT 863.65
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (8am and…
MGMT 863.64
This course has live online sessions and self-paced content.   Each course listing shows the times of the live sessions.   Each course has two options: Option A (8am and…
MGMT X 469.16
Intended for PR students in advanced standing and current professionals, this course teaches the techniques for developing solutions to public relations problems, and how to put together an effective PR practice.
Format: Online
MGMT 859.61
Ideal for anyone with a supervisory role, learn the steps it takes to make your staff more effective, efficient, and productive in this seminar. 
MGMT 802.9
For those in career transition looking for their next opportunity, small business owners looking for new clients, or job seekers looking to attract quality job offers, this seminar helps you master the art of branding you.
MGMT X 460.382
Many professionals are looking to increase their personal influence to grow their own brands, careers, and ventures. Learn to develop and manage personal brands to achieve true influence.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 470.20
This course will focus on the marketing applications of predictive analytics. Students should have a basic foundation in marketing, Excel, statistics, and analytics.
Format: Online
MGMT 892.11
This course is designed to prepare students to sit for the PHR or SPHR examinations, and is intended for students who prefer a structured, directed classroom approach to studying for either examination.
Format: Remote Instruction | Hybrid
MGMT X 460.16
Underlying all business development and revenue generation is the ability to sell. Gain a foundation to professional selling to help increase your organization's bottom line.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT 795.16B
Join our panel of restaurant executives and industry experts as they discuss some of the hottest topics affecting the restaurant industry today.
Format: Uninstructed Lab
MGMT 900.004
A part-time program designed to launch or accelerate a high-growth career in Product Management. In 18 weeks, learn to manage an entire product experience using popular frameworks and tools.
MGMT X 444.6
Acquire hands-on training and experience on the project management framework and foundation using a real life, single project from start to finish. Maximize your learning potential on project management processes across all 5 stages within the project lifecycle.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT 843.1
This updated course will help participants to prepare for the PMP® examination beyond Jan 2nd, 2021. Students will be trained on the new Exam Content Outline (ECO) by PMI, centered on the three project management domains of People, Process, and Business Environment, with the goal of delivering the highest value to organizations. See below for Live Q/A session dates. 
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 443.8
This course focuses on the tools and techniques project managers must master in order to effectively bring in each project work on-time and within budget.
Format: Online
MGMT X 443.6
This course provides hands-on experience to build a realistic schedule using MS Project® as a tool. Students start from the planning stage and progress though the monitoring phases to track performance on the project.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 444.3
This course will train you on quality approaches to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, and communication strategies to develop a high performing project team.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 444.4
Every project comes with risks, especially those contributed externally from vendors. This course will train you on the essential risk and procurement management processes to minimize negative impacts on your project objectives.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 444.2
Creating a timeline and a budget are two of the most vital factors in managing any project. This course will train you on the particulars to develop the project schedule and budget and how to track project performance for optimum results.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
SPEECH X 417.1
Public speaking is an essential skills for business professionals. Gain the skills needed to be an effective public speaker.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 760.18
Learn to be an effective public speaker by unlocking the natural speaker within using seven keys that make professional communicators A.W.E.S.O.M.E. - Aligned, Wired, Empathetic, Simple, Open, Magical and Engaging.
MGMT X 430.713
This course builds on prior certificate courses and focuses on techniques to plan and manage the elicitation process, critical to a successful business analysis, which demands thorough requirements elicitation and analysis.
MGMT X 430.714
This courses hones the business analyst skills required for successful project outcomes: collaboration, internal negotiation, motivation, and integration of analytical, verbal and written communication.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.45
For sales professionals who have moved into a management role, learn the key functions of a sales managers, as well as strategies and techniques needed to develop, motivate, and manage your team to success.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 430.814
This course teaches the power and applications of any comprehensive CRM system, focusing on CRM system education and training will significantly enhance students' career prospects and day-to-day effectiveness.
MGMT X 446.3
Large organizations need to achieve agility at scale. Gain the advantage of learning how to extend Agile across multiple teams with the tools and planning necessary to succeed.
Format: Online
MGMT 880.014
This course will train school and school district officials to conduct campus vulnerability assessments in order to prevent or reduce the consequences of man-made or natural disasters.
MGMT X 470.30
This course teaches you how to leverage the power of SEO in order to enhance online business performance.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
MGMT X 469.23
In today's media-conscious world, a celebrity can bring visibility to special events and promotional activities. This course covers how to select, approach, and secure the right celebrity for your event or campaign.
MGMT X 460.398
Most use social media for personal purposes, but not everyone understands how to use social media for business. Go beyond posting and liking to examine how to leverage social media as a powerful marketing tool.
Format: Hybrid | Online
MGMT 760.22
This webinar provides an overview of social media best practices for professionals. Learn how to use social media as a personal branding tool and manage your digital reputation, at work or while seeking new opportunities.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 430.715
This course covers the final step of business analysis, focusing on designing and implementing solutions with measurable, reportable outcomes, and communicating to stakeholders post-implementation reviews and assessments.
Format: Online
This workshop helps individuals who speak with a non-native or regional American dialect develop skills needed to pronounce American English.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 819
Learn from a restaurant expert what it takes to start a successful restaurant in this two-day seminar, which covers topics from restaurant concepts to restaurant management.
MGMT X 450.35
For HR practitioners ready to advance to the next level, this course will provide the knowledge and skills needed to be a strategic HR leader and business partner.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.35
Elevate your marketing skills by learning how to think and practice strategically in order to meet the demands of the competitive business environment today.
Format: Online | Hybrid
MGMT 837.7
Practice the skills needed to assess a product idea and design a product.
MGMT X 469.14
For those with aspirations to higher-level public relations position, this course looks at the execution of key managerial PR functions in corporations, agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
Format: Online
MGMT X 460.54
In this course, learn how strategic sales planning can help to increase sales and enhance product, brand, and company awareness.
Format: Online
MGMT X 469.22
For advanced students, this six-week, writing intensive workshop will help you master the art of strategic writing, key message formulation, and targeted delivery.
COMM X 480
Participants learn how to package a winning proposal from start to finish, including defining program objectives, selecting approaches and a plan, and preparing a program evaluation and proposal budget.
MGMT 789
This session covers an overview of how blockchain technology can build transparency, resilience and trust into future supply chains and help with economic recovery.
MGMT 837.8
Examine the phases of product management from software engineering through live launch and growth.
MGMT X 450.2
A successful business requires a high-quality workforce. This course provides the strategies and tools needed to acquire the best talent for your team.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.804
This course provides the tools for conducting risk and vulnerability assessments for any organization and incorporating these assessments into thriving emergency plans.
Format: Online
MGMT 791.2
This no-cost, interactive online course provides an understanding of economic panics, recessions, and recoveries and their relationships to long-term economic growth, jobs creation, and financial markets.
Format: Hybrid
This course covers the business aspects of wine, including production, importing and distribution, retail sales, and restaurant wine management.
COMCTN X 482.7
This workshop is designed for individuals at all levels in their career who desire to polish and/or develop additional communication skills in formal and informal settings to help improve their success at work.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 495.01
This course examines the process of establishing and operating a restaurant from development of concept to devising an executive summary business plan.
This intermediate course takes a detailed look at wines from the Bordeaux region of France and covers the appellation system, grape varieties, and regional winemaking methods.
ENOLGY 868.11
This intermediate course takes a detailed look at the wines of Burgundy, one of the most famous and revered wine regions.
MGMT 760.17
While using online communication platforms for business, professionalism needs to translate. This session will help you access virtual networking opportunities and produce a great set up to help put your best face forward in 2021.
MGMT X 460.395
This course will cover various topics related to digital marketing as the new most relevant trends, tools, techniques, and topics emerge. Course content and number of units will vary.  
Format: Hybrid
MGMT 859.51
UCLA Extension's Business, Management, and Legal Programs Department in collaboration with HARRT at UCLA, will host an afternoon of panel presentations by high level HR executives for students and HR professionals.
MGMT 760.14
Never let anxiety, frustration, or self-doubt get in the way of you getting a job, enjoying your work, or advancing on the job. This course will help you discover critical components of managing your feelings and behavior so you can think clearly, creatively, and collaboratively.
Format: Remote Instruction
This course covers viticulture and enology with an in-depth look at classic grape varieties which comprise quality wines in all parts of the world, and provides the groundwork necessary to enroll in Vintage II or Vintage III.
This course builds on the basics learned in Vintage I and goes on the road, visiting the classic winemaking areas of the world.
This course continues where Vintage II ends, sampling the wines of Portugal, Germany and other "Old World" countries, and moves on to "New World" wines of South Africa, Oceania, North and South America.
Public speaking can induce fear and panic. Learn how to overcome these fears in this course, which provides participants with a foundation in public speaking that is specific to each individual's personality and style.
MGMT X 469.13
Intended for public relations and communications professionals, this course explores the various media outlets and presents ways to effectively work with these outlets.
Format: Remote Instruction
Effective marketing and advertising campaigns have creative and resonant messages. Hone your writing skills to craft compelling messages in this course.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 469.12
Designed for those already possessing well-honed writing skills, this course surveys the breadth of professional public relations writing in its many forms.
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